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Copywriting is critical in the success of your marketing.

Exceptional writing brings your brand to life! Words convince your customers to buy. It all improves your bottom line.

Maybe you are not a writer. And maybe you just don't have enough time.

That's why we're here.

You get high-quality copy, quickly.

 So, we have a real, professional writer on staff. Not a writing service. Not an agent who will hand your project off to someone else. A professional.

Melody S. Wright - Canadian Writer

Melody writes on an exceptionally wide variety of topics. She specializes in SEO content, blog and article writing, websites, landing pages, funnels and scripts.

A native English speaker, she has more than 25 years of experience in business, finance, communications, psychology and marketing. She uses International (UK) or American (US) syntax upon request.

She has an intermediate ability with Spanish.

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Can't Find the Right Words?

Perhaps your current copy is not converting. Maybe there are grammar errors. A lot of copy was written by a technical person and not a marketing expert. Or your page is just empty.

Find your package to get extraordinary rates for new or revised content. Nothing spun. No copy and paste. Everything is original and uniquely yours.

And if you don't see a package that is right for you, find out more about custom services like scripts, course descriptions, white papers, courses, and whatever else you can imagine. 

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