How Can I Increase the Subscribers on My YouTube Channel?


Asked by Maria, Norway


Hello Maria

In general whether you wish to increase subscribers on YouTube or any other Video site, the most important step is to keep creating and uploading new content - Daily/Weekly or Monthly and of course you should make this content interesting for a specific group of audience.

How to do it?

- subscribe to other youtubers and learn from them (but stay unique, be yourself!)

- think about what would be funny or interesting for your subscribers, make a plan and work on it!
You have to keep trying and see what works and what doesn't. If you finally found out what works, keep doing it.

Encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Simply ask them to do it in your videos.

Cooperate with others!

I think this is the most effective or fastest way how to gain more and more followers and also improve your YouTube business.

Find youtubers/channels which are in a similar or the same niche as you are, contact them via email/phone/their social media accounts or directly on a YouTube.
You can do something like an exchange promotion, which means you will ask for promotion in their videos and at the same time you will do the same.

If you have a website, blog or social media account don't forget to include your link in a Bio or About Me page, this will brings you another potential subscribers and views.

Do a little SEO work.

I know maybe it sounds scary because SEO is not the easiest way and it needs more knowledge to practice, but in this case you can do very simple SEO for your YouTube channel:

1. Write interesting titles which contains at least 1 keyword 

2. Write at least 50 - 200 word description including at least 3 keywords

3. In a description include link to related article or video (yours or others)

4. Ask your audience not just to subscribe to your channel but also share, comment and like your videos!

5. Share your content across social media.

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