FAQ for Traffic

Can you target a specific Country, town, or local area?

Yes, I can target for example only US Traffic, Canada traffic, Europe traffic, or more specific countries

How many links can you promote with a single package?

I can promote 1 link per 1 package, me and you want to get best possible results, right?

What information do I need to submit once ordered?

I need only your URL and your requirements such as: age, gender, countries and Niche or Keywords (optional)

Can I earn from advertising networks, receive sales, or opt-ins? 

I have almost 90% Success Rate, it means every 8th or 9th client get at least 1 sale, or more opt-ins, many of my clients (including me) are earning money from this traffic (affiliate, ads and many more)

Can I promote YouTube videos or channels?

Yes! even Vimeo and many others are allowed

What kind of traffic will I receive?

My traffic is 100% Organic
Few years ago I failed many times, maybe like you, because I wanted to earn money and find reliable traffic provider
so my priority is to earn as you want to earn...
It means we need real organic traffic!