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Whether you want to measure the number of links your pages have, control followed or non follow links, our free link analyzer tool will help you check it all. As search engines grow, it becomes necessary to periodically check the correctness of web pages to avoid search engine penalties. If you link too many outbound links without the nofollow attribute in your anchor tags, your page's outbound links can damage your page's reputation. According to search engines, a bad community on your site can also hurt your ranking and page authority. However, if you don't care about external links, your entire domain or single webpage will be safe. This tool immediately checks the total number of anchor links on your page, depending on the option you choose; Show all internal links, all external links, or both by sorting links into two categories.
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About Link Analyzer Tool
Our Free Link Analyzer Tool is a powerful online tool that allows you to analyze your global cookie with your competitors and find the source of web pages that help to create links. Many large and popular search engines see links as a sign of the credibility or rating of a particular website. Links with great content also send a lot of the high-value traffic you're looking for. This is why free link analysis software is so important. Now, whether you are performing a regular link audit or responding to the latest Penguin update, Our Free Link Analyzer Tool makes it possible for you to review and analyze all your links in the most convenient manner. You can use our Link Analyzer Tool to analyze both the External as well as Internal Links that the search engine spiders can easily detect on a particular page of your site. The search engine, like Google, spider links to index and evaluate the internal link structure of a website and the relation between the webpages.
How to Use Link Analyzer Tool
You can use our Free Link Analyzer Tool, a free link analysis software or program which will perform a thorough analysis of a given webpage and return you a list of links along with a link’s associated anchor text. You just simply have to enter the URL of the web page which you want to analyze and select the type of links you to examine including external links or internal links or both. You can also check a box to not show tracking links. The result will be displayed as a list of all incoming and/or outgoing connections and their associated anchor text. When there is a linked image on the page, the alt text attribute of the selected image will be displayed   as the link text. Please note that our link analysis tool only allows you to analyze the links of one page at a time. It is ideal for deep link reviews or audits to analyze all pages individually, not just the homepage of the site.
External Links or Internal Links:
What's the Difference? External links, also known as outbound links, are links to another domain. External links from a specific domain point to a completely separate domain. These outbound links can be links from your domain to another domain to provide readers with additional information, or they can be links from your website to an affiliate program. Your links from other websites may also be called external links, although they are better called "internal links" to distinguish them from links you add to your website to connect to other websites. The internal link points from another page to another page on the same domain. These are links to your domain or domains only. For example, the navigation menu bar at the top of your website includes internal links, such as the About Your Website page or the Contact page. In short: external links = links to completely separate domains internal links = links to content from the same domain.