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Get Source Code of Webpage

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عن الموقع Get Source Code of Webpage

Our Free Source Code of Webpage Tools helps you load any valid HTML or URL content into a text editor. The source code viewer loads all data retrieved from the server into the text editor. The Web Page Code Viewer uses an ACE editor with an HTML attribute, so it can display HTML data in color.

A developer or designer who wants to see their masterpiece and know the code that the server sends to the client's browser, this tool can be a user's dream come true.

To improve website speed, developers compress HTML code and send it to the browser for parsing. The tool can format the retrieved HTML data and present it in a human-readable format.

Viewing the source code with a browser can also achieve this, but if the code is minified and there is no suitable editor, it may not be easy to read.

The importance of Source Code For Webpage

Page source code is also very useful during search engine optimization or SEO. Only search engines can see the source code of a website. Even if your page looks perfect, it may not meet the standards required by search engines. Get used to navigating the code, especially the important title tags like title and description.

What can I do with the source code viewer?

If you think there is a suspicious site and you don't want to open it in your browser, you can use this tool to get the site's source code.

URL Downloader is easy to use. Enter a valid URL in the input text field and press Submit or click the Enter button.

This website code viewer can retrieve data from any valid URL, be it a website, API, .css or .js file.

See how site code works?

This site sends the URL provided by the user to the server, the server uses curl to get the URL and returns the result to this site.

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