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Use our online Free Smart SEO Blacklist Lookup Tool to check IP addresses against the most popular blacklist databases. If you suspect that your IP address or mail server has been accidentally blacklisted or blocked, this will help you determine if this is the case and what to do next.

Blacklist Check or Blacklist Check is the process of showing whether an entered URL or IP address is on the Domain Name Server Blacklist (DNSBL). There are dozens of DNSBLs online, all using different criteria for listing and deleting addresses. However, IP addresses or mail server IP addresses on any list are considered spam sources, which prevents those addresses from sending email.

The spam filter uses a different DNSBL to scan incoming email from blacklisted sites, which would be a red flag. Nameserver blacklists are often the first line of defense against spam targeting IP addresses or domains. In some cases, non-spam IP addresses are added to the blacklist database. Users can use the blacklist check to determine if their IP addresses are incorrectly blocked by the database.


Check your IP address for blacklist compatibility by entering the address our online Free Smart SEO Blacklist Lookup Tool above. The tool reports the table of different blacklists and whether the server IP address has been blocked by each blacklist.

The domain name server blacklist does not notify users when their IP addresses are blacklisted. Therefore, blacklist checking is a must for users, mail servers or companies that you believe have a blacklisted IP address.

Your IP address has been blacklisted for various reasons:

  1. The main reasons for blacklisting IPs are viruses, malware and sending a lot of spam.
  2. Your IP address will be permanently blacklisted if you use a mail server that is not configured properly, causing spam to be sent, or if you send spam on purpose.
  3. You may have tried to purchase a third-party email list that contains many invalid or unwanted email addresses.
  4. Most email recipients mark your email as spam.
  5. Someone has hacked your email account and used it as spam.
  6. There is also a situation where your IP address is blacklisted; Even if you haven't done anything wrong. This usually happens when you have a DHCP IP address. Most blacklist administrators automatically add IP addresses assigned by ISPs using DHCP. Even if you're not a spammer, it's possible that someone had your IP address before it was used for spam. Only your ISP knows who owns the IP address before assigning it to you.
  7. Your site may be blacklisted by search engines, which no legitimate site wants to do. Several reasons may play a role in this: 
  • If your site is spam or you receive backlinks from spam sites.
  • Your website is suspected to be used for hacking purposes.
  • Once a website is blacklisted by search engines, it disappears from the Internet.


  • To unblock or remove your name from the blacklist, you must first verify that your system is free of viruses or malware and that there is no unauthorized traffic coming from your system.
  • Find out your IP address is blacklisted and contact them. Check why your IP address is blacklisted. Most blacklists provide the general reasons listed. You have to check them all.
  • Most blacklists allow you to submit removal requests. Each blacklist has a different method of issuing removal requests.
  • Sending a request to remove your attempt. This does not mean that the blacklist moderator will comply with your request.


  • The most common reason why your IP address remains blacklisted is that your IP address has been flagged and therefore blacklisted for sending spam.
  • If you are a home user, it won't make much difference if your IP address is blacklisted.
  • However, if you run a business or have a mail server, your IP address should be deleted. Check that your system is free of viruses or malware, or that your mail server is configured correctly.

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