Why Choose Google and Google Shopping to Advertise your Product Inventory?

08/01/2015 08:29

No entity has grown online shopping more than search engine giant Google. Even so, search MARKETERS and online store owners face a veritable enclave of hoops and hurdles to jump through before their advertising efforts can be considered “profitable.” Now that Google has begun to retire Product Listing Ads in favor of the new “Shopping Campaigns” format, it has become even more crucial for advertisers and store owners to ensure profitability through optimizing Google Shopping Campaigns.

If you own an online business and sell products on any of the major E-Commerce platforms such as 3dcart or Magento chances are you are already doing or would like to do some form of advertising. With billions of unique searches every day, the internet has become the most powerful channel to promote information on anything from bicycles to aeronautics. Keeping that in mind, take some time to imagine how many people are now able to stay eternally connected to the online world via mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. The evolution of the internet has directly affected the way consumers search for and purchase products of all types. In the United States alone the apparel and accessories revenue from ecommerce sales accounts for nearly $45 billion (Source: Statista). 

2013 reportedly showed that Google had over one billion products being promoted. According to the most recent online MARKET analysis by comScore:

“Google Sites led the U.S. explicit core search market in July with 67.4 percent market share”

The United States, according to the most recent census report, has a population of over 3.18 million people. 
• Nearly 2% of that population are between the ages of 18 and 65. 
• Using that as an example “target audience” chances are that over 40 million people not only have access to the internet but are most likely actively searching for consumer products online through Google in the United States alone. 

Google’s search and advertising network is available in over 20 countries worldwide including The United Kingdom and India. Business owners should recognize the enormous potential Google offers when choosing how to market and advertise their business and products. That doesn’t mean that it’s not without its difficulties. Advertising with Google requires explicit attention and ongoing maintenance on the most granular level to genuinely improve conversions and increase sales figures.



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