What You Want to Know About Landing Pages

08/01/2015 05:55

I'm requesting 30 seconds out of your day to complete a 3 question (multiple choice) survey regarding aspects of landing pages and traffic that you'd like to learn more about. Again…this is extremely short and to the point. It will only take you less than 30 seconds to complete.

Here it is >>> My 30 Second Survey

IN RETURN: I am giving you a very useful PHP Polling Script which doesn't require any database to setup and can be implemented within your landing pages/squeeze pages in a matter of minutes. This is a very useful tool as users will be able to give you instant feedback about your landing pages, in real time, that you can check on a daily basis, without setting up complex databases. 

I truly value and appreciate your feedback: My 30 Second Survey



People love the product, but they don't want to buy it...

I've been sending quality traffic to my website and have noticed a decent percentage of people are clicking through to the "download now" button, which leads them to a page with the price tag. That download page though has given a 100% bounce rate so far. I have two theories:

1) The "download now" is misleading and implying that the product will be available for free

2) They don't like the price

I was just wondering what everyone's first impressions were? Any help would be appreciated!
1. Yup...It's definitely misleading.

Is the product yours? Why not create a free portion of your product, kinda like a free taste of what is inside and sell to them once they opt in? That would fit better with the download now instead of a paid product. 

2. You said that people love the product. And 'love' is such a strong emotion. Any emotion that strong will get them to buy no matter what the price point.
You need to place everything on ONE PAGE. No need to have to
click through to see the price. It is $5 so no need to hide it or warm
up to the price.

Plus I had to scroll down to see the rest of the page because the
green sections seemed complete. Didn't realize there was text

So simplify the page set up and see what happens.

-Ray Edwards