What Would Be A Good Conversion Rate?

08/01/2015 08:42

Hi everyone,

I haven't gone live with my website yet, but its getting closer.

I have an ebook and video course. Initially I was going to use PPC to drive traffic to my site, but seeing as my 2 products are $45 and $100 i figured PPC would be too expensive (especially seeing as adwords want about $3 per click) I would need a phenomenal conversion rate to cover advertising costs I would have thought.

So am writing a blog as well and will try and get my articles in some prominent places to build authenticity and hopefully build some free traffic.... assume that is a decent plan?

Just wondering what I can expect as a good conversion rate? Im prepared to put some money in to this, hence I was going to go the advertised route. But the costs don't add up and I like my article/blog plan. But its going to be slow to build the traffic up I imagine. 

Hence I wanted to know what a good conversion rate would be. I guess it shouldn't be too hard to get 100 people a day to my site in a few months *crosses fingers and toes* and if 1 or 2 people buy a day thats a decent start I guess. But if I am going to need to wait a year before I sell 1 a day with 1000 views then this is going to be a pretty frustrating process.

Thanks all



It is impossible to predict CR of your site without knowing your niche, your site's UX/UI, quality of traffic you will buy (even through PPC you can get quite different quality, depends on keywords you will use), and demand of your product. Usually you can expect conversion rate in range between 2 and 5 %, but it is very relative forecast.



A good conversion rate is one that allows you to make a profit.

You can improve it by making sure your traffic is very relevant. If your keywords are irrelevant, you'll get more unqualified traffic and that will lower your CR.

You can try to improve and make your offer more attractive.

If the keywords you are targeting are $3 and you make $50 for each sale, to break-even you need to have a sale every 16.7 visitors which is a 6% conversion rate. Higher of course to start making an actual profit. It may seem like a tall order right now but is doable.

Of course, when GOOGLE says the keywords are $3, that's an estimate and based on average ad quality. Improve quality and you will pay less.

Do all three well - focused keywords, high ad quality and great sales pitch on landing page - and you will be successful. You could have a 10% CR or even more.



Please Review my squeeze page

I think it is quite good. The only thing, it doesn't fits my browser window, I have to scroll, it a little bit annoying. My screen resolution is 1366x768
Also CTA button is too large, it really doesn't look like a button, make it smaller
I feel that the white arrow should be red.

I also feel that the background picture was rather distracting; when the lady at the background is enlarge it does not give the sense that the lady in the picture is slim although there is a tape measure to suggest so.

You did not include a privacy policy and disclaimer. You may also wish to include some "as seen on" icons such as tweeter, facebook, Youtube etc. This is to make your offer look "legit" and more desirable.

You may also wish to emphasize on the "free".

Also you may want to A/B split test your squeeze page

Hope my suggestions are welcomed and useful

Best of luck

To be brutally honest,

Your offer - 
"Discover The Secrets To LOSING A MINIMUM OF 10 POUNDS IN 30 - 60 DAYS!"

will not cut it, trust me.
- It is too general.
- It sounds hypey 
- People have seen it before, been there, done that and got burnt.

You have to seriously rethink 
- your specific target audience
- your offer to that target audience (one which is more specific, believable, valuable and sounds convincing).

Hope you take this positively.