What Name for LeadPages Subdomain do you suggest?

08/01/2015 08:30

I am setting up my LeadPages account and since the first step is deciding a subdomain name I would like to know if there is some best practice that you used.. and also if name of it is really important or not.


72% Conversion Increase After Price Increase

Hi guys, just to let you in on the wonders of 'micro' continuity, I changed my membership site (business student niche) from $97/month to $7.77 for 3 days then automatic 24.50 per week (effectively $106/month since a month is 4.35 weeks).

Result is conversion increased from 2.2% to 3.8%. Huge.
Still too early to test sustainability... but with the 97/month option I had problems of (a few) members "forgetting" and then finding it painful (97 is indeed painful even for me) and then filing a chargeback or going crazy asking for a refund with "I am a single mother with 2 kids!" and stuff... 

I once even had a 4-month chargeback for $400 (plus penalties!) filed against me, and then I contacted the buyer directly to ask what was wrong (and even showed my willingness to resolve and possibly send then a refund) they just ignored it (obviously just trying to rip me off). I decided to fight that case and luckily I WON (after many inconvenient grueling phone calls with Paypal representatives) but that was a close call and stressful.

I would think that it wouldn't be as "painful" at 24.50 and so less or no chargebacks (perhaps just a cancellation of future payments). I also don't think the buyer's case would look credible if they asked for 4 months x 4.35 weeks = 17 chargebacks, LOL!

Note that this is not IM niche, it's "business students trying to graduate" niche
UPDATE: Out of 16 signups under the 7.77 trial, 14 members ( 88%!) stayed on for at least one more period and paid an additional 24.50 (a few stopped subscription after one payment, some stayed on until now for an additional 2 to 3 weeks).

INTERESTINGLY: I also tested FREE 1-WEEK trial and then pay to continue, and it had a *much lower conversion rate overall*... and then ONLY 2 of 8 stayed on for an extra week and paid an additional 24.50. 

In other words, the 7.77 paid-trial customers were much better customers in the long run for BOTH initial conversion AND sustainability.