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08/01/2015 06:15

many website have php site, how to design ,


If you're not familiar with coding, then the best way to make a PHP site with membership areas would be a CMS (Content Management System). Wordpress is a very popular one, and there are plugins out there that will let you add membership areas and other features. Best of luck!



 Landing page conversions at 2% - any advice to increase this?

Hi guys,

Sorry that this is my first post on the forum, I often scan around but haven't yet posted.

The reason for my post is that I was hoping for some critique/guidance. I am currently working with a company offering training courses in TRADING. The product is great and I do think it would sell well, but I'm not sure people realise this course is really different to anything else out there, it really does work.

The landing page is currently getting a conversion rate of 2% as we are only getting 2 signups per 100 clicks. This is my 2nd variation of the landing page and I expected it to do a lot better.

Do any of you have any advice or suggestions? The page is here 

Thanks in advance
Debbie x
Yeah you're headline is going to be first thing your visitors see - ( it has been said you have 8 seconds or less to capture your visitors attention) so make sure it's highly targeted to your audience. A good way to find headlines are check out competitors ppc ads, also change around some Buzzfeed headlines to target your niche. Hope this helps.

You want people to sign up so that you have the opportunity to get them into the following 3 steps. so Step 1 is to get them download the book. WHATS IN THE BOOK? What can you give me in TRADE for my e-mail address?

is there "10 unique Methods to better trading" in there? 

FORGET the program you are trying to sell on the BACKEND.. focus more on SELLING me the free ebook. SHOW ME the Value in what the ebook has to offer.

if the lead in is "Learn To TRADE Profitably" and the Head Line to the landing is "10 unique Methods to better trading" do you see how that might be effective?

I would almost BET.... the above with BIG LETTERS "GET THE 10 UNIQUE METHODS NOW" on the left, and the optin box on the right, would out perform your current 2%.

BUT I don't know what's in the book, but you do! That's what you are looking for. Simple Direct and to the Point.