What is the best way to promote CB product?

08/01/2015 05:37

If I want to promote click bank internet MARKETING product which traffic method converts well, do you have any idea?


No Conversions Any Advice


I started my site in Jan 2014 "The Edge on Strategy". This is after a year fumbling around with other service providers.

My site is based on this USP "I use my 25 years as a strategic planner to teach strategy and help you become more effective in your life" 

Our traffic has gone from 6-16-75-137-149-159 vpd over the last six months. Most of this is driven my social networking as I do not believe am not ranking well in most of my keywords with GOOGLE but I feel Im on track there. 

But I'm not converting this traffic into sales!!!

I'm at it full time and put up 2 quality keyword rich webpages each - I can do this for some time to date I have over 300 quality keywords for My learning curve is high and I spent a lot of time researching learning IM and WEbmaster stuff. 

The "Strategy" Niche is quite broad and competitive. My main focus is "Strategic Solutions" and "Strategies for Success". I've also found a ton of great high demand / low supply keywords for my pages.

My goal is to use this site to establish authority and sell my eBooks (also working on Audio, Video and eCourses), Relevant and High Quality Affiliate Programs, and Ad sense.Once I have an decent email list. (Today I have 80 e-mails.)

The Problem - I'm not converting at all! No eBook Sales and No Affiliate sales. I even gave up n adsence because after two months I made $4.00 and didn't think it was worth taking away from my MWR of Affiliate and eProduct purchases.

Somethings not working

I'm ready to make whatever changes I need. I'm thinking of offering eCource and Audio Books based my eBooks. And developing more freebees to get my work out there. I want to go deepen in to what I have now and see some sales before I start putting out more eBooks the are inspired by the same quality and content as the others

I've been consulting for years but I am new to IM. I don't mind doing an overhaul but I need some direction. 

Is my copy bad?
Is my idea bad?
Is my eProducts bad?
Is my niche bad?

In other words how d oI find out if I am just throwing good money and after bad.

I realize this is a lot to task. If you could point in the right direction that would be appreciated
Honestly, I would think your offer is bad. 

What I did to come to this conclusion?

First, I spent around 20 seconds on your site, much more than the average user would normally, and could not figure out about what your site really is in this time. 

That's a big issue! Why? 

For you, as you know your contens in and out, it might be clear what you offer, what the benefits are etc. but to your visitor it's absolute not. 

Second, I spent a little more time on your site, looking at the menu and some pages and I asked myself: What real problem does the site solve? I could not answer this question! 

Why is this so important?

If you want visitors to get out their pocket and buy, you need to solve a real problem. Nobody will buy for something they don't feel the urge they need it. 

You do not adress anyone's problem directly in any way. What I mean with "directly"? Lets's take an example from your site.

"Life Hacks" : First two paragraphs explain what are "Life Hacks" -> what's the gain or value for the reader from this? Does it provide a direct benefit? Probably not. Next section outlines the two benefits for life hacks: "use less energy" and "become more energetic". This is the result from life hacks ... but for what reason? You are still not adressing a very specific problem here that one of your visitors might have. As example, your visitors problem could be not having enough time daily, so your solution could be "achieve more every day"... but "become more energetic" is too generic and unspecific. 

The reader is going to lose interest pretty quick, if you don't make this clear at the beginning and let him know, that you are going to provide a very specific solution to a very specific problem they have, not a generic one. 

Looking at your writing style, there is a lot of improvement that can go also in. 
How so? You are talking about "Edge on Strategy" and the strategies very often ... but what you really need to do, is write in a way, that you are talking TO YOUR VISITORS about THEM and their problems they want to solve... simply said. 

If the site was mine, I would had probably rearrange and rename many things, like the menu names as a start. There is a lot that can be done on the site, to make it feel more personal, which should increase your visitors engagement with the site too. 

So, in the end it needs to be also clear, what you are offering to your visitors, if they subscribed to your offers. That is still nowhere so clearly defined nor I can seem to expect anything specific while reading your site. Probably, because everything is too generic. 

Hope those hints can help you.