What do you think of my page?

08/01/2015 01:30

Page looks pretty good and clean but I would change "watch our purifiers go to work" with something like "See how our purifiers help you breathe cleaner air".

I would also add 1 or 2 more order buttons down the page, and move the safety, design etc... section higher up the page and expand on it. Maybe quote some studies as well.

It just seems that it's a bit too focused on the product features and not enough on what it does for you.


are most of your buyers women?

google search "chet holmes and Carpet cleaning case study"

how this company sold to their Ideal buyer and "re set" the buying criteria - 

Better for the environment
Designed to fit any home 

biggest image should be the women and the baby



What are some good examples of video demos that greets new users to a website or landing page?


I'm working on creating a video demo explaining my product which I can user on my homepage and landing pages. Have any of you had great success with this?

I'd love to see your videos or videos that you have seen that you think are really good.