What can I do to earn more?

08/01/2015 05:15

Hello Everyone,

I have started promoting some products in Jvzoo since last 3-4 days. I have got visitors and clicks but did not get any sales yet. Statistics of one of these days was 300+ clicks and 15 visitors so why actually is so much difference between clicks and visitors.

I am promoting affiliate products on facebook and twitter right now but I have not tried Facebook ads yet.

Should I also promote my sites on PTC sites like easyhits4u and paidverts?

Will it bring down the conversion rate if I advertise on PTC sites like easyhits4u and paidverts?

Can I also promote my affiliate links in forums?

What else can I do to get some sales?

Please suggest. Please SHARE your ideas and experiences.

Thank You



I have tried FB ads, but you have to INVEST a bit more initially to see results.

I did a campaign through FB and did not see the results I wanted to... 
It's a great start however!



Landing Page Review - No conversion


I develop and run SEO for out website World Relocations Group and the site is up for 2 months and not much conversion is coming in.

If you have time, please give it a look and post your review here on whats missing, elements needed to convert traffic using our forms and contact us channels.

Thank you.
I would like to test all pages, but Countries & Requirements does not redirect me anywhere. Some problem here. I like your design very much. But for some reason I got deslike of the color of buttons on Services, Blog, FAQ, Contact Us pages.