What Are The Modern High Converting Tools And WHo Sells Them Or High Converting Tactics ?

08/01/2015 01:28


What are the high converting tools gurus or super affiliates or super online sales people use nowadays ?

* squeeze pages
* one time offers
* widgets
* ?

Anything else ?
Whatever you suggest, where do you get these from and who are the masters in those fields and where are their courses, ebooks, video tutorials, etc ?

I must learn high converting tactics. Hence, all the questions. Don't want to call an average guy an "expert" and waste money buying his "not so high converting tactics teaching stuffs". If you get what I mean.

Anyone with any suggestions ?
Maybe, you bought a tool or a course that was good in both technique to convert and the writer/publisher who built it was a good teacher too who didn't leave unanswered questions and just answered them in the readings so you didn't have to bother yourself asking questions to unanswered questions.
The tutor/writer must be someone who's constantly converting and not someone who is a failure him or herself!




Hmmm I'm taking the long and winding road rather than the super affiliate or super online sales route. So I don't have all those you've listed yet. I'm going through the conversionrateexperts course - it's an awesome course to go through. You might want to check it out: Learning Zone | Conversion Rate Experts



Formula for conversion rate optimization and optimizing landing pages

Hi Dougp,

Friction element refers to things on the page or site that could possibly prevent or make it more difficult for users/visitors to convert. For example if your conversion goal is to get someone to sign up for a newsletter, a very simple friction element would be extra fields in the subscription form. 

Another example would be showing other things for a visitor to click on.

The goal is to remove distractions and reduce the friction as much as possible.