website homepage does not convert as much as it could?

08/01/2015 08:13

Hi i run a football tipster service (very successful 3 months in profit out of 3 since i started it)

I get only around 30-40 hits a day but targeted organic traffic from relevant keywords but I am not getting as many sales as i think i should be.

can anyone give advice?



i want the homepage to convert on its own as this is where people are coming to , what do you mean by landing pages?



What is sales conversion?

Let’s take an example. If out of every one hundred people a single person buys, then your conversion is 1%. This is simply a conversion between traffic and sales and you get your percentage. 

The is a split testing tool that you can use. Just last week, a coaching client of mine had a launch and we were torn between two headlines and we decided to split test them. 

We drove a thousand hits on each of them and we would then work with the one that makes the best conversion. I later received an email from him informing me of how a single page was making a 2% conversion while the other was making a 10% conversion. 

It is evident that split testing can be very dramatic and Visual Website Optimizer is the tool i use.
There is a few split testing tools but this is one i have and do use so i can recommend it