Web Design leads

08/01/2015 07:41

We've been in business for nearly 10 years doing custom web design and 99% of our clients are referral and we're looking to expand. 

I've used PPC in the past with absolutely no results.

If you've had success bringing in clients with PPC with a healthy ROI for web design specifically I'm interested in hearing what networks you use, what ad copy, etc. 

Our clients budgets are generally between $3-$5k.

I'm looking for advice or to hire someone who can bring us 3-5 new clients a month. That's honestly all we need in terms of expansion right now. 

If you have done this for web design leads in the past and can do it for me we should talk. I'd be happy to pay you a consulting fee, hire you as our PPC manager or pay you commissions if you want to close the sales - we're open to working in a way that you feel would benefit you the most. 

ALSO - most importantly - we're happy to do any kind of revisions to our own website, set up landing pages, lead pages etc. to help with any campaign you set up.



How To Setup Facebook Retargeting Pixel Properly?

I plan to advertise on FB and track conversions. My problem is that I want to have 2 separate domains with this setup:

1) domain-one.com for landing page
2) domain-two.com for "Thank you" page

My funnel would look like this:

FB Ad ---> domain-one.com (landing page) ---> domain-two.com (thank you page)

Now I want to track these 2 things:

1) visitors who clicked on ad, landed on my landing page (domain-one.com) and left 
2) visitors who clicked on ad, landed on my landing page (domain-one.com) and finished on my "Thank you" page which is on separate domain (domain-two.com) 

As you can see I want to segment people for those who signed up and those who didn't and make two separate retargeting campaigns, but I have 2 separate domain URL which make my life a little bit difficult. 


1) Do I need to go through "Create a Custom Audience from your Website" twice and create 2 separate pixels?
2) Could somebody do me a screenshot for dummy campaign on how should I enter my URLs properly like in the image bellow?