The Traffic Formula

08/01/2015 06:09

Traffic + Conversions = Sales.. 

What is sales conversion? 

Let’s take an example. If out of every one hundred people a single person buys, then your conversion is 1%. This is simply a conversion between traffic and sales and you get your percentage.


My way of attracting traffic is quite simple. I use LEVERAGE by attracting JV partners and affiliates which is an attraction based model which basically means that traffic is driven to us by affiliates. 

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Your formula is simple and effective. Otherwise if someone wants targeted traffic need to work very hard to get some conversions.



Without question, if you know what your doing...but without trial and error there is no progress and all part of the learning journey. Or you can skip the risk and model someone else i.e a mentor


How Can I Convert Visitors To Sale.


This is my website: Binary Product Review

I've Posted Product Reviews & Doing SEO. How Can I Get Good Sales With This Site. What I Have To Do. Is There Any Other Way To Convert Visitors To Sale.

One Thing Also Can I Have To Use POP UP Discount Offer.


There are to many pictures, it looks like an ad mine field.... Maybe take away the pics within the posts so the only pics are the ads...

That way your visitors will concentrate on just them,...
Mmmm...I really think there is too much going on... The fact that you are reviewing too many products just seems that you're only in it for the money... I don't see anything unique offered by any of your reviews.. For example lets say you made a video about the tool/software which you are reviewing... like you gave some advice on how it works from a real user! How about a special user guide for free download or as a bonus to the sale... To me it seems you have not purchased any of the products as the level of detail is not adequate to get a real review of someone who has tried it ...

Like what others say - trust is imperative... Some how the look and feel and of course contents needs to build that up.... 

Sorry if you think I'm being too harsh - I'm just trying to help, having been through this too.. Its all about learning, split testing your pages with UI design etc. and providing a unique insight to the product you are reviewing ... 

So keep it up and don't stop learning!
and what if you created or owned a blog? You could point the blog to the page.
Get more traffic anyway.