The death of landing pages and LeadPages for conversions

08/01/2015 06:28

What role do you think landing pages have in the future of conversion optimization?

Do you use a landing page, squeeze page, or LeadPages? I used them a lot for a year but now with my subscription coming up for renewal, I find LeadPages to be more of a hassle than an asset. I say that because the effectiveness of all LeadPages seems to be dropping rapidly as they are not "new" any more. By now, you have probably seen 10 if not a 100 LeadPages and I at least have become burnt on out them. On top of that, my data shows LeadPages, landing pages, and squeeze pages most of the time are not good for building long term relationships with the kind of people you want interacting with your business. The model of "give me your email for a free report" is never something I engaged with personally and it seems most people are having less interest in it.

Why would I want to give you my email to get something I can have totally free on someone else's website? LeadPages seems to have sped up the rate at which landing pages and squeeze pages burn out. I never interact with anyone using a squeeze page because they do not give me any value first. The only people and companies I interact with are those giving me every bit of information totally free.

I think this might be the future because it is working really good for me. I removed all of my squeeze pages, LeadPages, and landing pages. My website now gives great content and I offer the chance for people to ask questions. If they want me to ask one via email, they have to share and confirm their email to get an answer. This feels like a good business model for a future because it works with fewer really easy conversions as opposed to larger lists with more spam complaints and less genuine users.

What role do you think landing pages have in the future of conversion optimization?



I do think that landing pages was never useful.

Today, people don't want to navigate from a landing page to reach a product or service purchase page. 

Today, people want to find the purchase page one click away from GOOGLE. If they don't find what they look for, they will click on backward button and they will click on one other result in google. 

Also, a landing page is a google juice leakage. 

Perhaps in the late 90ties we liked to browse the internet. Now, they want everything right from Google search results.



Need Honest Critique For My New Landing page!!

This landing page is for a CB ebook and receives around 70-100 hops a day, from related keywords. I started the website around 4 months ago and just on one day I received 2 sale (2 months before) and nothing after that.

I personally feel, that the front page has no preselling or warming up for the conversion and I also need to build a list.

Please let me know if I am thinking in the right direction and also correct me where I am wrong and the other things to concentrate on for conversion.
I am going to be straight up honest here... How many times are you suggesting the person click on a link that says "Download Ebook" or the like? and the reality is you are directing them to a sales page? 


That's 70 to 100 Women you are pissing off on the daily. Think about that for a moment... I do everything I humanly can to keep the 1 I have as happy as possible and you are pissing off hundreds if not thousands a week.

You can do 1 of 2 things:
#1 tell them you are sending them to the product of their dreams. OR
#2 develop a proper sales funnel, get their e-mail in exchange for a REAL e-book they can d-load and then sell the CB product from there.

I really hate to say it but WOW!