Squeeze Page Examples

08/01/2015 05:24

I'm looking for some examples of some really awesome squeeze sales pages. I have a lot of traffic to a squeeze page but it's not really converting so some examples of some great converting squeeze pages would be awesome.


That template is an example of what produced an 80% optin
and showing you how to adapt it for your situation.

If you don't know why something works and know how to adapt
to one's own situation, then you'll get below par results.

If you don't get that, then nothing I or anybody else can
do to help you.

Doctor E. Vile

P.S. Getting a 80% optin in is at the very pinnacle of results from cold traffic.
My friend used that same knowege in the video and in that example in the link and got 84%
optin from a cold traffic source. When I say cold, I mean never seen or heard of him before.



 Is my site showing-why no signups -Help

Would like to know -how will I know if anybody is looking at my Blog' why no signup-
what i'm doing wrong ?
Thank you for any help in advance
Thank you very much for the 2 answer I was under the Assumption , the contact 7 form ,is a signup.
I guess maybe i'm to old for this at 74 , trying to figure out HOW TO MAKE MONEY!
You need a sign up form for your mailing list, preferably many sign up forms... a contact form is something totally different. That's a tool for users to be able to send you an email. You want a form or forms that allow users to enter their email to receive updates from you. Like a newsletter sign up.

Some good options to create this are Aweber, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, GET RESPONSE, etc.

74? That's not old. That's just experienced!

Otherwise, it's a nice looking site.