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09/01/2015 00:56

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a cornerstone of marketing and overall ability for consumers to find a company's products or services -- or help anyone find just about anything on Internet. With text-based Web sites, this was relatively simple in that large search engines would “index” Web sites (like an index of a book that tells the reader which page to go to find content within the book) and thus be able to automatically search certain keywords on billions of Web sites when the words were entered into the search engine. With Flash-based Web sites, the ability to flawlessly display pictures or video that interact with the user of the Web site has gone far beyond simple text-based coding using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). 


Use text with your Flash. Even though many of large search engine companies are developing methods to SEO Flash, the simplest way to make your Web site known is to use text. 

Provide URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) within Flash. Large search engines have recently been able to index URLs within Flash files, including URLs that link to other parts of the Web site being searched and external Web site links within the Flash files.

Continue to use HTML. Even if the great powers of software and search engines eventually come up with a solution, it still behooves the Web site developer to use text based in HTML. Further, Flash is not a default application with most web browsers and computers.

  • A Flash player may need to be installed by the computer user and may not be available depending on the computer. Also, a novice computer user may not have the patience or know-how to understand how to install or use Flash.
  • Keep up to date on the latest in technology news. Large search engine companies are always looking for ways to make their search engines more effective at delivering relevant search results and thus will always be looking to improve this technology.
Finding and using valuable keywords can increase the success of your website. Identifying the best adjectives and nouns for your website will determine your success in the search engine optimization (SEO) process. Make sure you understand the SEO process well before picking the keywords. Learn how to choose keywords for SEO.
Think like a consumer. Search engine queries are used to find accurate products or answers quickly using the search engine tool.
  • Remove pre-conceived notions that consumers use proper sentence structure or other grammar rules to find results. More often than not, search terms (keywords) are simply a list of words that they would like included in the results that show up, such as "blue bike women's."
Brainstorm the words you would use to find your products. Sit down with a marketing team and come up with the terms that apply to your products or content.
Make a list. Take down approximately 20 to 40 keyword combinations to research. These should be combinations of 2 to 4 words.
  • Longer combinations of keywords are called "long tail keywords." They are used by consumers for more accurate results; however, they are searched less often than shorter "head" keywords.
Start with listing the keywords in a row, then add columns like "page rank," "clicks," "pay per click cost," "conversion rate" and "value rating." You can fill these out as you move through the process.
Expand your keyword terms using Google's suggestions.
  • Take your Excel list. Begin typing each term into Google, 1 at a time. Do not press "Search" right away. Wait until the auto-complete function kicks in.
  • Wait until other suggested words pop up next to the terms you typed in. These are long tail keywords that people have actually typed into Google.
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