Seo india - How to Do a Preliminary SEO Site Review

07/01/2015 01:18


  1. Check whether the URL is canonicalized. This can be simply done just typing the site name without http or www in your browser. If all takes to same page then you can say it is canonicalized. 
  2. Check the domain age. It is a ranking factor where no one can change or compete with if a site equally optimised but stands below a site with age on it. 
  3. Check the search position on a keyword. The main part of SEO work is keyword. We are here to rank a site on a particular keyword. If we don’t know what keyword we are to optimise the site then it is 100% guarantee we wont be in first page of a search engine. 
  4. Check for a sitemap. This is also very important for a site to be in top position on search. This gives clear information of our website to both user and search engines. 
    Do an On page Optimisation: This is the main area where SEO specialist work with. You have to look for the following area: -
    • Title tag:- main thing to check whether title contains keyword and they are unique and not exceed more than 63 characters.
    • Heading 1,2 : - the keyword should be used in h1 and h2 this tells the search engine that our site is relevant to the keyword searched
    • Bold /italicised :- if the keyword is bold and Italicised then it helps a ranking factor for site in top position.

    Check for Anchor text. This helps to show the search engine that having anchor text in different website for a particular keyword recommends the site is quality site.

  6. Robots.txt: - This tell search engine what to access form the site and what not.

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