regarding the structure of the funnel.

08/01/2015 07:35

i think its the funnel im talking about.
im watching frank kern mass conversion program, and he states there that you shouldnt have one lead magnet, but 3-4.
more then this, every lead magnet should be a 3-5 series of steps you can send each day for 3-5 days.

i thought about writing a ebook file+a small audio file for each step, but some of the steps are so miniature that i doubt i can fill more then 1-2 pages and 5-7 minutes of audio.
is it ok?

its funny for me that i put it as a pdf, where every step is like 600-800 words which is like a regular article on a site. i guess its the structure of the funnel and less the freebie content.

my ebook is intended to be 50-60 pages, and will include someof the overlapping lead magnet ideas, but alot more.
shoud i answer everything i can on each lead magnet or save it for the ebook and give a teaser?



Hi Talper,

Your strategy sounds good. Your BEST BET would be to follow kern's formula exactly how he recommended it and bring your own twists.

The lead magnet is about making the user curious, if you SHARE everything for free, than the users that read your freebies and buy your course will have nothing new.

I would recommend thinking about changing your funnel.Give your users something for free in a very similar niche, ex: offer them a minor solution to only 1 problem related to your niche.

Hope this helps.



Optimization Process Baby Steps

My name is Darius and I am a marketer since 2005. During my online journey I came across and applied many money making systems ranging from simple youtube MARKETING to plain cpa marketing, and today an established CLICKBANK vendor.

I have got to know and understand both blackhat and whitehat methods, read a lot and spent even more time applying myself.

My best 24h in earnings from cpa was $1.700 and from clickbank $4.300

For those of you interested, I am going to SHARE here most of what I learn in more than 5 years of testing and experimenting on clickbank.

From creating the digital product to enjoying your sales.

1. Creating your first digital product.

Clickbank offers all the info you need on how to setup your first product, but how to actually create it?
I personally create the skeleton of the product myself, including website and digital product. 

Then, I pass it to my team. The best way to actually find a team is to hire as many different guys for several jobs, wait to see how everything went and hire again or search for a new guy. My team will then create the sales page, develop my idea and write a very to follow course.

2. Launch on clickbank

Most of us believe that once the digital product is on clickbank, sale start rolling and we become rich. It can be this simple, but not when you do not have a name, a reputation.

3. Split Test

This is the part that I like most about being a vendor. I can get to test everything, from headline to call to action button.

A lot of us do the mistake to test changes on a very little quantity of people. I personally prefer to let each test I make run for around 200 sales. Each can do this on his own way.

Testing headline





Testing your sales copy

Here, the games become tricky.Most of us only have the marketer inside, not the copywriter. Usually, this part can be tested if you have the writer always near you, wich is not the general case.

Here, I usually test some elements in the copy, like the story of the product creator, along with bullet points and benefits.

Testing your price

Always test your price! You could sell more at 47$ than at $37 and viceversa. The key is testing. You may not believe or understand this until you test and see with your own eyes.

Other elements I usually test:

Clickbank order form design --> simple vs customized

Discount page --> some products can covert pretty good if you offer a discount popup. Not always, depends on the niche.

Add 2nd step page --> when the user clicks on the add to cart button, he will not see the cb order form but rather another page, with the description of the products and indication that the next step would be to get their cc out.

Add date script at the beginning of the copy

Long copy / short copy

3 - 5 call to action buttons on page

3 different call to action buttons

website background

testimonials --> very important part, can boost up or f**k your conversions

display previous customers script

bonuses --> you might want to test this out

free gift page --> I consider it a must have.

The tools that i use to analyze how each visitor reacts to my product are:

Wistia --> video analytics,very nice features

CrazyEgg --> See heatmaps, where on the page the visitor focuses more, where he clicks


DAP --> create membership websites, protect your clickbank download page

I really believe that the key to a good product is a product that sells. Be sure to test and optimize and only then, I repeat, only then, start to attract partners.

I hope someone will benefit from my story and apply himself just like I did and finally see great results.