Recommendations for Landing Page Courses/Products?

08/01/2015 07:52

I've been looking for courses or products on how to create an effective landing page. However, everything I found has been too generic with topics like "What is a landing page?" I don't want a product that is dumbed down for me. I want something with specific techniques for an advanced user. I want to take my websites to the next level to increase my conversions. Does anyone have any recommendations for courses or books?



An effective landing page will vary depending on your niche. Different audiences respond to different things so it will be hard to find one definitive guide that speaks to everyone. 

Can you be more specific about what sort of advanced level information you are looking for? I don't want to insult your intelligence and give you basic information that you have probably already read 

Are you looking at creating your landing page from scratch or using one of the many wordpress "page builder" type plug-ins?

Also is this landing page for leads or sales?



I have a background in public relations so I've always been taught to make sure layouts are clean, professional and look beautiful. However, I've noticed that most landing pages are pretty ugly. I'm just trying to step away from everything I've been taught and look at the facts of why those 'ugly' landing pages convert better. I know that CTAs need to have a colour that stands out from the colour scheme of the site. I know videos and financial stats convert better as well. I'm looking for a landing page for sales. I'm looking to understand landing pages from the mindset of an internet MARKETER who has success firsthand without having to make it look like a luxurious brand. I'm trying to go after a 'less business' landing page look. Does this make sense?



Hold on, stranger exit pop ups. Anyone using it?

Its called Exit Intent Technology. I have not heard of them but there are many providers who offer the same services. You can find it here.

The pricing is too good to be true. People used to pay $4k for such think per month to BounceExchange.

Do SHARE the experience if you go ahead with them for a try. Just check page speed before and after so that we can measure the impact if possible.
As Ben Holmes said,i recommand you to get an exit popup plugin that is one time paid if you want it but before start using this i recomand you to use a popup plugin that offers you possibility to show the popup once per session because your visitors can feel disturbed by this popups and is possible to not come again on your page if you show this popup more times
I hope my opinion helps you
Hey pjman,

It's Paulo from the team at . We've been mentioned in crazyegg and in a few more blogs actually. We've got some very very big clients. I won't name them, since I haven't asked for their permission yet, but together they're reaching more than 2 million visitors a month.

We're very reliable. We've got some great developers: our popups are super fast loading and work across all major browsers, tablets and smartphones.

Our prices are in fact low - but it's not a case of being too good to be true.

Our initial strategy was to target the internet MARKETING community. Those prices seemed to be a good fit. Now we realize this is not the best - almost all of our customers come from outside of the community, customers willing to pay much more for it - specially considering that we have more well developed features than the majority of our known competitors.

So we're changing our positioning, and it'll start by severely increasing our prices (something that will happen in just a few days).

The advantage of choosing, I'll say Hold on, Stranger!, over your own plugins is that you can manage all your popups from a single dashboard without ever touching the code of your website (except for the first installation). And by managing, I mean activating/deactivating them, chaning your popups, observe their activity, launch and split test different popups, create entirely new popups and deploying them on your website, see statistics, target specific pages without having to stick the code precisely on those pages. Doing this all by yourself, by fiddling with the code, changing copy, changing images, installing complicated analytics on it, etc - doing all this through a code editor would take you ages. Hold on, Stranger! saves you tons of time. You can create 2 or 3 different popups at the same time, to test against each other in a matter of minutes (10, 20 minutes). You can target a specific page, target facebook traffic, twitter traffic, etc. There's a lot of different advantages (that we should actually explain on our sales page).

If all you want is one popup on one page of your website, you have no page targeting needs, don't require ab testing, and of course have sufficient coding skills, the plugin might be the best for you. Otherwise, a solution like ours might be a lot handy. ( landing pages, for example: you can create them and test them by yourself. But tools like Optimizely, VWO, Unbounce make it so much easier)

We offer a 15 day free trial (no credit card required), so why not just test it out? We'd love to have you on board ->

Whichever way, good luck to you! I hope I helped you enough.
Personally, I would look for a solution that offers different kinds of pop-ups in one solution. Exit intent is fine and dandy, but you will probably also want landing popups or slide ins or sticky bars or optin forms within your pages etc.

If you are using Wordpress, there are many plugins which require no coding whatsoever and come with templates and editor and are priced one-off.

We use NinjaPopups for Wordpress extensively.

There are even free plugins like those from SumoMe.