Really need help on Landing page - No conversion

08/01/2015 08:28


I would really really appreciate some help or feedback or guidance on what I can do to improve my product sales. I know this product can change thousands of lives and I am totally inept and getting the message out there - over 400 visits, not one conversion. 

I don't want to blow my changes on CLICKBANK - and my product is bombing big time

the landing page: What every cancer patient should know
Squeeze page for free series - Cancer Fighting Foods

I would be happy to work with someone on a split or pay for help to help me convert.

Thanks so much for any feedback or advice




I think that you're target audience is the problem. 

Your potential customers will have spent hours listening to highly qualified doctors, reading books and info online, and probably paying thousands for medical bills, and here you are with a eBook for $17.

What's more, is that you have spelling mistakes. You can;t even spell "members"

Find a different niche, cancer is super heavy.




Yeah, my suggestions would be to move your opt-in box above the fold so that people will not have to scroll to see it. Also, your headline leaves people hanging at the end. You should add a benefit to your headline, for example...

"Top Anti Cancer Foods and How to Use Them Stop Cancer In It's Tracks!"

That's not so great, but I just gave an example of what I'm talking about. 

You also might want to make sure your traffic is highly targeted for this product. 

Hope This Helps.




On August 21st, the Google AdWords team sent out a kind reminder on the full switch from PLA’s to Google Shopping Campaigns. Today, September 2nd, marks the first day of the first phase of the phasing out of the former PLA’s. We hope that everyone has taken the important steps over the course of the past few months to begin switching over to Shopping Campaigns. If you haven’t then here are some of the important notes to take STOCKof directly from the Google AdWords Team. An important reminder: Although Google has an “upgrade tool” available for Google Shopping even Google recommends recreating and re-optimizing Google Shopping Campaigns manually.

AdWords Labels & AdWords Grouping will not be available for Google Shopping Campaigns. If you so choose, you may recreate those by using Custom Labels. Custom Labels have limited use but could best serve to track low STOCK inventories or possibly clearance sale items. A new Shopping campaign will utilize your data feed’s attributes such as Brand or Product ID for segmenting new campaigns. Custom Labels 3 & 4 serve special purposes and using the Upgrade Tool could cause errors in regards to their use.

Regardless if you wait for the auto-upgrade or not there will more than likely be a period of time (several hours) where an old PLA campaign and Shopping campaign are both not serving any ads.