Please Tear My Homepage Apart

08/01/2015 05:34

Here are some things I already believe need to happen:

a) The initial copy needs to be catchy
b) I want to make the "November Promotions" section 2 columns w/ the right column being an opt-in form.


1) Does my menu take up too much room? 
2) To people who are complete n00bs in my niche - do you get our value proposition?
3) Nitpick wherever possible. This site has been profitable for me so far, but I know it can do much better 

Website is middlepair(dot)com.

Thank you all in advance!



Just my first thoughts:

1. Text in front of cards is not readable
2. Picture quality of cards is bad (pixelated)
3. Why don't you show people who are actually having fun, PLAYING POKER? Buy this image, for example:Young people have a good time in casino by FotolEdhar, Royalty free stock photos #62440864 on
4. The style, the presentation, the icons: it doesn't look like fun! I feel as if I'm viewing a website selling some sort of "boost your efficiency" product or service. 

Furthermore, but this is more a matter of personal taste:

5. I think the hero image is way too big
6. The page goes on and on.. it feels too long

Last but not least: don't try to convert me into a lead right at the start of the page! I just got there, I want to explore, get to know more, read a testimonial or two, before even thinking about engaging.

Best of luck and keep us posted!!



What made a huge difference in your CRO?

So, we are not talking about a B version of your page that results in a 1.7% increase in conversion, or a facebook ad campaign that delivers you 12 extra leads per week..

No, I am curious to learn what made a big impact on your lead generation. What doubled the amount of sign ups? Which setting, technique or set-up tripled the engagement?

Hope to read some great success stories here!