Please Give Feedback On My First Squeeze Page

08/01/2015 08:39

Hi All, I am new to AM and making squeeze page.

Please do feedback on the things I need to improve on my first squeeze page.



First of all, your English is a problem so that is something you will need to get checked by someone.

But who is going to believe that you can grow 4 inches taller in 8 weeks? It's totally unbelievable and has scam written all over it.

The bullet points don't work and there are inconsistencies in your copy.

The whole page needs to be redone but mainly you need to convince people that your offer is legit.



I agree with the previous posts, especially when you try to tell me I will hate myself if I don't swallow your bait. The latest TREND in squeeze pages is to pre-sell them with a splash page (no optin) and then lead the ones who proceed to a squeeze page with a video.



Banner Style Conversions

Hey warriors,

I'm going to have some banners created for affiliates to use when promoting my offers and I was wondering what type/style of banners convert the best?

Is your experience do text style banners convert better than the type of banners that match your product ecover?

Please SHARE your experiences as I'd love to hear them and I'm sure lots of other warriors would also.