Optimizing Clickbank Order form using the advanced CSS custom version

07/01/2015 23:27

Hey guys,
I have been split testing and improving the conversion rate of almost every part of my funnel. And after reading Richard Brunson's book on his split tests regarding the order form itself I decided that this would be the next part I would test.

In his test he was able to increase conversions by 75% by basically putting facebook style testimonials on the top right hand side.

And the next part I'm about to say only applies to ClickBank users (like myself).

I definitely suggest at least setting up an Advanced Custom Order Form to split test instead of just the usual clickbank custom order form.

Obviously keep continuity between your website design and the order form is going to boost conversions at least a little bit, but after reading Richards book it has made me so much more aware of how little changes can increase profit by a lot.

I have ZERO experience with CSS, and thought that after reading through the instructions supplied by ClikBank I would be able to tackle it. I put it off for a couple days then read through it and found that I really did have no clue what the hell all this stuff meant haha. I looked up more about CSS but decided that it was going to be too much to do it on my own. I asked for a suggestion from ClickBank and they pretty much threw their hands up and said "We don't offer any advice with regards to website design and custom css order forms" or something to that affect.

I did play around a bit with the files they supply (Here is the link if you are interested:https://support.clickbank.com/entrie...tom-Order-Form ) but still couldn't edit stuff how I wanted.

I then put a job up on Freelancer and hired someone to do it for me, the thing that I think is the hardest part is how specialized this order form is, you can only upload on .css file and images, something that most of the CSS editors didn't seem to understand (headache material I tell you, I pulled out a few decent chunks of my hair through this process haha). If you are looking for someone to hire, I would definitely suggest the guy I used, his name is Ming from China (his email is: whitebirdinbluesky@hotmail.com if you wanted to get in touch. He didn't charge much at all and was really quick to deal with, and more importantly.... Knows the rules when it comes to ClickBanks custom order form. Believe me, hiring this guy will get the job done very cheap and quick instead of wanting to pull your hair out like I did lol. All I did was create a JPEG image of what I wanted to page to look like and he came back with the files to upload to clickbank.

Obviously the next step is to split test these things....

I made a post a while ago on this forum asking about split testing ClickBank order forms, and who should answer.... But ClickBank themselves.

They gave me this very descriptive answer:
(Here is the thread: Is it possible to split test ClickBank order form? )


It is possible to split test with custom order form skins. In fact, we highly recommend clients split test their entire funnel, including the order form, to optimize revenue. Before I give you some pointers on how to conduct split testing, first you should check out a few blog posts we've made in the past about our own approach towards executing and measuring split tests. They may give you some ideas on how to approach this.

When we run a split test on the order form, we plan exactly which variables we will test and which are under a control, the size of the sample set, and the source of the traffic. For example, if we wish to determine how different EU trust logos will perform, we will not include US traffic in that test, only European consumers. It is also critical to understand what sample size you should use and what constitutes a statistically significant result. To put it in perspective, if you flipped a coin one time and it came up heads, you would be mistaken to declare that in all cases, every time you flip a coin in the future, it will always result in heads. Likewise, when you are testing your optimization, you must be in a position to definitively state that the variables you are testing resulted in an increase or decrease in conversion rate. There are tools referenced in the articles I'm linking that will help you determine this without needing to crunch the numbers manually. The important point is to understand the concepts because ultimately, your revenue is at stake.

How ClickBank Conducts Testing On Our Order Form

We have also built a 2 part blog series on how you can improve conversion rate from your Pitch Page. These give you some tips on areas of improvement you should examine as well. We do recommend that you only test one or two variables at most, at a time. Otherwise, you won't know if the change you made on the pitch page or the order form resulted in your new conversion rate, and thus, how to continue optimizing.

8 Ways To Increase Pitch Page Conversions Part 1
8 Ways To Increase Pitch Page Conversions Part 2

Ok, with that preamble out of the way, here are some specific methods you can use to execute a split test with custom order form skins. First, you need to have a few variations of the order form built and available within your account. You will gain maximum control over the consumer's experience if you use the new advanced custom order form. This technology allows you to adjust much of the order form, only using changes with CSS and through custom images that you load into your account. More details on our advanced custom order form feature are here: ClickBank Support: Advanced Custom Order Form Please take time to read the .PDF file included with the .ZIP attachment on that linked page; it will explain some important features and limitations on the CSS modifications you can make, along with some additional guidance on how to split test your CSS files.

Once you have the desired order forms available in your account, you will want to decide a tracking ID that corresponds to each order form. For example, let's say you name order form variant 1 as "Blue Theme" and the second as "Pink Theme". You could then use two tracking IDs called "Blue" and "Pink". Tracking IDs will be tacked onto the pay link as a parameter along with your ClickBank order form skin ID; you will find that ID labeled "cbskin=..." under your account settings -> My Order Form. More details on how to use the skin ID here: ClickBank Support: Custom Order Forms and on tracking IDs with pay links here: ClickBank Support: Creating A Payment Link. Keep in mind that if you use Pitch Plus, you will need to pass the skin ID parameter, before the Pitch Plus Flow ID.

Once you have your payment links created and your tracking IDs determined, you need to construct a split test on your Pitch Page where your payment links will be swapped out as traffic arrives. There are probably some cheap/free tools available to help build dynamic links for the technology platform you happen to use, such as Wordpress. You'll need to consult their guidance for how to present one link to half your traffic and another link to the other half.

When you have your sample size determined and your site constructed, use ClickBank Analytics available from Reporting -> Analytics within your accounts, and change your data to show as Vendor (see radio button on the top left), then choose Order Form Impressions by Tracking ID. Make sure the date range shows the period of time that you are executing for your split test and then look at the results in the data grid below the graph. Each tracking ID will be shown along with order form impressions and conversions. Once you've reached the maximum sample size, use a statistical significance calculator (available online) to evaluate your results and see if you have a conclusive improvement or decrease.

At this point, it becomes a cyclical model where you constantly improve your conversion rate through continued testing. This is how we approach the exact same problem with our tens of thousands of daily transactions.

I hope this is helpful.
The ClickBank Team 


So my last piece of advice would be to hurry up and create some order form pages to split test (This is how in CB but obviously just do what ya gotta do if you are using another vendor that allows custom order forms).

Don't be freaked out with the custom css stuff if you aren't techy, I went through a lot of headaches getting this sorted and I hope by writing this I have helped save some fellow warrior those headaches haha.

All the best for 2015!





Hi Cap360,

As demoheroes said, you did a very daring step by launching your first sales page at your first attempt.

But there is so much room for improvement here, and I think you would do yourself a great favor by studying how a proper sales page is laid out.

But I know football is a passion in Latin America and they would buy my e magazine

True, but even in other niche, like weight loss (one of the biggest market in the world and millions being spent each year on weight loss products because of its SHEER demand), you still have a lot of competitors. Those who win are those who really study marketing in great depth.

Okay, I would like layout a few steps for you that you can follow to improve your sales page tremendously:

1. Clean up the design.
Right now, your page has too much distraction in it. Even your headline is buried in the color of your pictures.

Ideally your sales page should consist of one column that is placed right in the middle of the page that stretch to the bottom of the page. You can model after this sales page. (Not affiliate link 

2. Get a stronger headline.
Something like this would help:

For Soccer Meme Enthusiast...
Sit Back And Laugh At The Most Embarassing Stunts That You Would Never Think Your Favorite Soccer Player Would Have Performed In Public!

That's just an example. You'll need to test several headlines of the same nature.

Trust me when I say that your headline makes at least 50% impact on your reader and your sales.

But seriously: Study the sales page sample I gave you above, because the product creator is someone who has coached many successful students to create their first products, even in soccer niche!

3. Content is content, sales page is sales page

my market is latin america....they need to see more content first then buy
Well that goes for other market too my friend.

The thing is you can't confuse the role of a content and sales page. Sales page has one mission and one mission only: to sell.

If you really want to get people to see more content, then here's what I can suggest:
1. Go to social media like facebook, and start building some followers there by creating a fan page only for soccer niche. Then post your contents there.
2. Get your own blog. You can use WordPress to host your blog especially if you're on a shoe-string budget, but I would suggest going for self-hosted blog.
3. Instagram is gonna be big next year for driving traffic while having a lot of authority going your way. Why not start there? Plus it's FREE!

I hope that helps, my friend! Try applying these strategies and I'm sure you will some improvement in your conversion rate! 

- Budi T