Non Spammy, Non Internet MARKETING Oriented Sales / Landing Pages?

08/01/2015 08:09

I am trying to create a landing page which is very different from most of these really unattractive and spammy looking sales pages that most people on this forum are using. I know it works well if you use snake oil salesman tactics in the IM niche (example: make $10,000 a day in your underwear from the comfort of your own home type bs.) but outside of that a lot of other niches do not seem to convert well with these sort of sales letters.

The niche I am interested in is stock TRADING/forex TRADING. Most of the people selling products in this niche are con artists and the junk they sell does not work. They also try to use the same sort of IM based sales pages and I don't want anything to do with this.

I am looking for examples of sales pages, landing pages or squeeze pages which are professional looking. If anyone knows of any please let me know. Thanks.



Here is my suggested plan for you, should you choose to accept it.

  • 1. Build a list of Forex/TRADING enthusiasts.
  • 2. Warm them up with a series of emails (offering more value).
  • 3. Close them with a webinar (best method to close in that niche).
  • 4. Those who don’t close on the webinar, continue to follow up via email.


  • What to use as your Lead Magnet to build your list – People in this niche like tips, tools and tricks to outsmart everyone else.
    You could get a very useful & relevant small tool built for you on, rentacoder, O’desk etc. for less than 200 bucks (it can be a tool to automate some task for them).
  • You could compile a list of the best tips, tricks or tools in that niche and offer as a free report, etc.
  • During your webinar offer something else very valuable for free, should they sign up immediately through your affiliate link. 
    This could be a free forex/TRADING course promising to take them from novice to pro or from pro to super awesome. 
    There are several courses which people have created and are not using, you can buy the rights to any of those courses.

Landing pages
– Study what the folk at Motley Fool are doing, they have it covered.
– I offer free landing page wireframe templates here (no opt-in required) – 

Lead Generation Marketing | Ultimate Lead Generation Toolkit 

The most important elements – Your lead magnet and how well you sell during the webinar.
If you have a very good lead magnet, your landing page should not have to work too hard.

Good luck.



Not Sure My Strategy is Working

(I Get to the Point Here) Question 1. - Did I miss the mark, 2K impressions 13 Clicks, 0 Conversions - Give up already and start over or get over it and get back to work? 

(Explination- and Summary Here) 
Obviously I am new to this. I launched my site a month ago and am using GOOGLE Adwords to offset my slow SEO learning curve. I am worried though. I have been spending about $4 a day on Adwords and have had about 2K impressions with 13 Clicks and No Conversions. 
No I did have to change my Keywords as I was getting clicks on some Keywords that would not pertain to my specific product. 
My Keyword is in a High competition area but I feel that I have a better site. Local monthly searches for my specific keyword are only 480. Any thoughts?
Dude, to be realistic, you can expect to spend at least $500 on adwords before you get enough data to make your campaign proftable.

13 clicks means you've had 13 visitors. You have nowhere near enough data - wait until you've had at least 100 clicks before you draw any conclusions about conversions rates on your website.

If you posted a link to your site or a screenshot of your ad copy maybe we could help more.

Also, if you CTR on adwords is less than 1.5%, you either picked the wrong keywords or you have terrible ad copy. Try not to keep ads running with low CTR as it can and will hurt your account's overall quality score.