No conversions for my landing page

08/01/2015 08:11

Hello everyone,

I've setup some basic wordpress landing pages, I've had one conversion so far. I was just wondering what else I could improve on, or if you guys have any suggestions. Thank you guys so much.


Hi Rainb0y,

While there is nothing wrong with testing out your "move for free" value proposition, I think you really need to test that against other value propositions to see which your audience will respond to the best.

I am of the opinion that someone interested in having their home listed is not yet concerned with moving costs, they are more likely concerned with finding an agent or broker that will MARKET their home effectively. That's just my opinion and when it comes to marketing I try to ignore my own opinion, as well as the opinions of others, in favor of test data. Why guess when you can test?

Ideally you should make a list of every value proposition you can think of and test the most likely candidates by creating multiple versions of your landing page and using an A/B split test tool to gather data.

Another shortcut is to launch an AdWords search campaign, targeting extremely relevant keywords, to test variations of value propositions within your ad text. The value propositions that get the most clicks will often be the value propositions that resonate best with your targeted audience. Let that data guide you to write headlines and CTAs for your landing page test where you confirm which variants will convert best. 

As always, the best answer comes from testing, testing, and testing again.



I think some valid points have already been made. I do think that for the most part the information is there... just not pointed enough. yes, your show has 15,000 viewers every episode... but are they viewers, or are they buyers?

I would get some text above the video. at least "List With Me and Move For Free!" and then possibly a by line "watch the video for more details.

I would say that your contact form is not defined enough. On my browser it is not showing the standard input box display just a single line across the bottom of each input area. why not make it super easy and put your phone number on there as well?

I might also suggest moving the contact form to the right and the text to the left.

you have only gotten 1 conversion... but that is only half the story. How many people have gone to the page? if only 3 then your conversion rate is killer... if 10,000 then you really need some work! ha ha



Can I research certain proven techniques for a product?

I'm planning on creating a health product for either meditation or fitness. I was also thinking about making another MMO eBook and making a landing page for it also with a PPC campaign, as I've made one before and made a really bad Youtube video advertising my 3 post blog and eBooks that ended up getting around 400 views with one person who bought the eBook which was $19.99, so I know conversion rates for MMO are decent, especially if you advertise correctly and efficiently. 
As of now I'm planning on making a health website that posts articles related to general health, fitness, dieting, and meditation. With a forum, and a "Ask A Question" section where users can ask health-related questions and other users can answer (or admins). 
This sites main purpose would be to form a community in the health niche, I wouldn't want to monetize them and spam them with payed offers too much, therefore I probably would create my own products that are related to those categories and put them for around $20-$100 and create little ads for them on the side of my site that redirect to my squeeze pages. 

My main question is: am I legally allowed to take useful information off other sites on the internet that provide legitimate beneficial information that I can put into my own words into an eBook/Video series that I could sell? Or do I actually have to create my own method or something o.o?

You have to think about authority when it comes to how quality your site and content are. Even if you try and reword other people's work you could easily overlook a few things which could trigger multiple search queries.

If you have expert, professional experience in any of the fields you want to build a website for then why would you steal someone else's work?

You'll also have to do some form of eCommerce for actual "products" you sell. If they are products and not just eBooks which most people have devices for now (iPad, Kindle) and are a very good way to lose money in PPC.
Using factual information for your own product is fine. As long as it is made by you from scratch. Copying someone's technique down to a T is not fine. You can use someone else's information as inspiration for your own product freely as long as you do your own research an if it is a topic you know a lot about. If not, you will probably be copying more than creating your own work.