New Google Analytics benchmarking reports helpful?

08/01/2015 08:17

Just a question on the new release of the google analytics benchmarking tool. How can we make sure to utilise it the best way? 
In this posthey explain which benefits it has.

Would be happy to receive some comments...



I have actually been testing this for a while now. As a broad spectrum MARKETER it does give you some insight in areas that you can work on, and in fact some areas you are able to spend less time on. 

once you understand specifically what it is showing you, I have been using it more in the fashion of time management and determining areas that may need more focus. Once more people start "SHARING" information the use of this tool will only be greater.



Google Analytics Questions

Hope this is the right place for this post. 

Ok. I use Weebly and I have my google analytics set up. Has been for about a month or so. 

So I have been tracking Google Analytics with my Weebly analytics and my Google analytics over the past month is telling me I have only had 149 users over the past month. Weebly is telling me I have about ten times that. 

Anyone have any idea why this could be so off?
Stats provided by web hosts typically count search engine spiders and other bots as visitors too, where most of them won't be counted by JavaScript-based analytics like GA. They create entries in the hosting servers' access logs, but most crawling still doesn't involve executing all of the JavaScript on your site -- even though Googlebot is capable of that and does so occasionally.

Chances are the number of human beings who viewed your site is closer to the 149 number than 1490.
in GA you can opt to have tracking turned off from your IP address so your numbers are more accurate. Dan said it best as your actual number 149 from GA is most likely more accurate.

For Future Reference: Include a link even if its not clickable so that we may know more about your site/business and advise more accurately.