Needing opinions for affiliate MARKETING

08/01/2015 05:16

Hi, everyone!

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You may have seen me here before a few months ago, when we were still developing our marketing strategy and landing pages.

We are very new to SEO and selling online when it comes to affiliate marketing but feel we have the best course in our niche. We spent a very long time creating it; over 2 years to be honest and our students so far have been really responsive and grateful for doing the course.

We really want to expand as far as possible. There are many in our field doing extremely well and we hope to lead the way eventually. All our work is unique to us and we create content all the time, the problem lies with not knowing what direction to take to make it huge and this is when we thought of affiliate marketing. 

I would love if any affiliates or marketers could take a look at our landing page and tell us what you think of it. We are willing to offer 75% commission on the product sale as we know that affiliates do a huge amount of work marketing the product.

Please let us know if you as an affiliate would consider our product as something you would like to promote and please let us know what the next step is here to make this happen. We would love some tips for the landing page as well / anything else.

Thank you!



Well. The site is not too bad. But I did not like some little design things like the buttons color on the left side of the video and the background. The pictures for bullet points are too big, I mean some abstract picture (not even a photo) should not be so big. There is no point in it. I will try other pages and see what I think of them too.




Looking for feedback on my squeeze page

First, saying it's 30 pages is a deal killer.
They want the 1 thing, fast.

Secondly you brought up at the end
"out of your league"..
This brings up his insecurity and existing belief
that he isn't good enough for certain girls.
This means he thinks "well that's not for me...pass"

2 BIG killers there. 

Doctor E. Vile
Try cutting the name. You only need an email in fact.

As ewenmack said, remove "out of your league"

Instead of hot girl on the background, why don't you test something that brings emotions as it was the first date. Maybe something more romantic (The girl needs to be hot again). I can't say if it will convert better, but it makes sense.

I'd also change the title to something more emotional that brings better desire. Something like "make her think of you after she gets home. Don't screw up your first date"

Then mention the book is free, ask where to deliver the book, and get their email.

Cheers and good luck
In a case study I'm writing up now in the personal developement MARKET,
the removal of a attractive looking couple and a light blue water background
replacement increased conversions by 230%. It was Mindvalley's a/b split test.

The thinking why it happened is the reader gets distracted from
the offer. By giving more prominence to the offer you'll get a higher response.

Knowing that insight, it's worth split testing for yourself.

Doctor E.Vile