Need to Buy Countdown Plugin/Tool

08/01/2015 07:47

I'm looking to find a countdown clock generator that is triggered to start counting down when a person visits the site, instead of the countdown naming the same time for everyone everywhere.

I want to put a sales letter into my follow-up email sequence. I also want to create scarcity by giving them only x amount of days to take advantage. Thing is - everyone coming into the funnel is coming in at different times, so it wouldn't make sense to have a universal countdown timer.

Is there a plugin or something that triggers a 7 day countdown from the first moment the person visits? 

I'm obviously willing to pay for one. Ideally, clearing the cookies/cache wouldn't enable the user to reset it. 

Not necessary, but it would be cool for it to also have the functionality to "change" the bonuses available if they navigate off the page.

Anyone have any ideas about a tool like this?




262 clicks, no registrations, what is wrong with my page?

Hey Guys,

I used these GOOGLE ads:

Teach Photography Online
Use your skill and images to earn passive income from home

Now there is an extraordinary new way to earn income from your images

to drive 262 clicks to this landing page

Earn | Photography Adventure

and got zero registrations. Any advice please?

Thanks in advance.
lets look at what we see when we click on the page. You site name, some navigation. the word "EARN" and buddhas face. What does ANY of this have to do with signing someone up?

You need a landing page... NO navigation. NO the word "EARN" you NEED to draw them in and close the deal. 

What are you getting them to sign up for? Have you matched messages between what is getting them there and once they are there?

Lets use our messages as an example:

Teach Photography Online
Use your skill and images to earn passive income from home.

5 quick points of how this will happen on your site ( you don't have examples I can use to show you. )

1.......... s
2.......... I u b
3.......... g p o
4.......... n x

Now below this follow examples of other sign up pages you might have seen.. In your case you have 3 points of information. so I nice simple 3 column layout with an image or icon at top, and the text

Earn income from your photos | Easily promote your work | Help others acquire new skills

Easy on the eye, easy to read. You have already implemented your call to action above the fold. Nice nice nice, and a good base to work with.

I might working on your headline. they are not calling out and saying click me ( which in this case has been in your favor, because if you did have a solid headline, you would have lost your tail in PPC.

How about something like Focus - Click - Profit or Profit from Photography.

Keep in mind as well that you want a SEPERATE landing page for each of your click threws Makes it much easier to figure out which one may be working better. This also allows you to MATCH the message that brought them there to the message on the site.

you really need to do some reading ConversionXL and or Rich-Page.comBoth of these guys happen to also be reading this forum. So if you have some basic questions, I am more than sure they might help!

If you need some help with the coding to drop all of the nav out of your page or setting up a column set up by all means contact me I will help you out!

Hope that Helps!
Your landing page is missing major elements that people respond to and you need to split test by using more than one landing page. Text ads are good but you should also try banner ads. I suggest and recommend taking a look at the landing pages used by successful businesses in your niche and also try incentivizing. Provide a reason for people to feel rewarded for registering. Also remember that just because you make a landing page and run an ad campaign that it will be successful without the things needed for the ad campaign to be successful. Not everything will convert how you desire. If you need some further recommendations let me know.