Need honest opinion on my sales page/strategy

08/01/2015 06:33

I just purchased this site, It has alot of low quality traffic, around 26,000 hits per day. But conversions are lacking. The product is decent, well written, but very simple. The price is set at 19.99 currently. 

please give me your thoughts and help me make some sales, idealy I would like to get the product on CLICKBANK im wondering if thats a good idea. This is my first sales website. Thank you.


I agree with affiliatebeast. Your sales page is very outdated and your product Ebook looks dated as well. Here are just a few things you can do to start.

1. Your webpage title is named "Untitled Document". Your never going to get sales with that default page title. Name it accordingly.

2. Your going to need to hire a graphic designer to spruce up your LP. For examples, you can always look at the sales pages in WSO and JVzoo. Just look at the top sales/most visited sales pages and mimic a few of the pages you see. 

You may also want to look around and INVEST in a sales page graphics bundle if you have basic photoshop skills, instead of hiring a designer.

3. Add testimonials, better call to action buttons, a better description of what the product helps solve, bonuses, video, problems you help your audience solve, etc.

4. Look into setting up split testing elements of your landing page so that you can work on eventually outputting a better LP every week.


To be honest with you:

-add a title tag

-the image just doesn't fit at all.. broke marketer and sitting there with a suit a laptop and CASH raining? I'd think up something more original.. use some funny looking guy in jogging pants who is making a lot of cash.. balance it out.. it's just I have seen those 1000000 times in my life before and it's just boring..

-Your headline...

"When I First Started Out Online I was SO BROKE The Only Way I Could Drive Traffic To My Sites Was By Using FREE Traffic Techniques...

Turned Out That FREE Was Also BEST!!"

Try to rewrite it in a way that it sounds more dramatic and captivating, that makes people visualize.. and seperate them font and color wise because it's unpleasant to read in the first place..

-Your story and introduction is good but it's way to short... add a little bit of value in the midst and give a way a part of your product..and than remove "I'll tell you:" and make "here's what you'll get", make it sound more powerful.

-I like the bullet points I would get a bit deeper into them though, expanding on them.

That's all I have to say for now.



How To improve ctr

I am running a campaign on traffic junky.
Mt ctr is .20 which is very low.
I am targeting USA.
Please give me some suggestion how can i improve my ctr.
I have tried 20 different banner.
On what factors CTR depends please give some tips.
Thanks in advance.
Hey Chris a few options.

Since TJ is static banners ( at lest it was a year ago) your problem lies on a few things.

1. Banner blindness, I BET your ads are not very unique, when the same people see the same ads ctr goes down, pretty common sense. So Change things up, your angle your layout etc.

2.Being on TJ people are used to see the "same old" give them something fresh that isnt naked per say

3. Some PS techniques like improving the Vibrancy of your banners work well, split test some photo effects. 

4. Ad copy is the some old "craiglist" stuff again mix it up.

5. ad a border

6. Finally ctr shouldnt matter to you, what really matters is ROI, would rather have a banner that has .3 ctr with 100% roi then a banner with 1.5 ctr with -10% roi

Good luck




I agree with the sentiments above.....however, I'll add a few of my own...

1. Use an Ad Server. If your just starting out, DoubleClick by GOOGLE is free and very useful: DoubleClick for Publishers ? Small Business

2. Make sure your banner DOES NOT blend in with the website(s) you are advertising on, but sticks out. This includes contrasting colors.

3. Ensure that your banners are above the fold whenever possible, even if it means a higher expense.

4. Make sure your call to action is VERY clear. It should be the first thing visitors notice on your banner. Don't make them question for one second what your offering.

5. Your message and color scheme of your banner should match your squeeze/landing page.

6. Animations and Flash will only work if it doesn't conflict with your message, but highlights it. Example, a 3 page text message scrolling across your banner to merely highlight what you have to offer will NOT work. Your message should be seen immediately, yet include a flash or glow to help it catch the users eye more quickly.