Need Advice with Monetizing My Traffic & List

08/01/2015 05:25


I've been building an authority site for the past 8 months in the MMO/Network MARKETING/Internet MARKETING Niche.

Everything I've done has been organic traffic with SEO blogging, YouTube, and Forum Marketing, among some other things.

246 total subscribers. I have surpassed 100 new subscribers for the month of November, which is 100%+ increase from last month, so I'm scaling fast.

I average 150 visitors per day.

However, I am not converting these leads or traffic into sales yet.

This is a quick overview of monetization strategies I have in place at the moment:

1. My sales funnel guides my traffic to joining a high-ticket biz opp (license model) using training videos that make it make sense.
- First email = free blog training to get 100+ leads a month blogging

- 2nd email = setting up your blog video
I plug affiliate links below for wordpress themes, hybrid connect opt-in boxes, AWEBER, godaddy, longtail pro, & hostgator)

- 3rd email = "you need a product to promote" video
I plug my two biz opp affiliate links below the video

- 4th email = "high ticket affiliate programs" video
I plug my high ticket affiiate biz opp

- 5th email = "setting up capture pages and sales funnels" video
I plug leadpages and optimize press affiliate links below the video

I also email my list at minimum every other day, with a focus on giving value and creating deeper relationships, telling stories, and NOT being a super salesy IMer that promotes new products and biz opps everyday.

What Can I Do To Improve This?

I am thinking about plugging in a CLICKBANK/jvzoo offer related to blogging in the middle of my funnel because it's related to my freebie offer.

I could also create my own blogging course but I wouldn't have the testimonials or sales copy that an affiliate product would already have.

Thanks for any tips.






Right off the top I would suggest "lengthening" your sequence. Do a 5 part series on about getting 100+ leads from blogging. Break it down.. how to find topics... how to find content... what tools you may need.. etc

the next series 5 or so. Blog video. talk about the equipment needs, what to say, what to wear. how to produce a screen capture video etc. 

I would skip #3 at this point

Setting up email and sales funnel.. there is more than enough to write on this...

NOW introduce #3 "With all the previous information provided... here are some products."

Then go at them with the high priced sale on the back end of your sequence.

The idea is to give give and then take. offer your knowledge. your expertise. develop the trust. build that relationship. The first set of 3 articles, you simply are not selling anything.. you are simply offering links to tools you use. ( wink ) then over the course of 3 to 5 weeks... then hit them with a solid pitch.



What are good conversion rates?

I am currently in the process of moving away from being a software and web developer to trying to get to grips with building a list and all that entails. Obviously I will have a squeeze page and will also have a page with affiliate links to offers that I like.

My question is what is a good conversion rate for the squeeze page and what would be a good conversion rate for the affiliate offers. Obviously for the squeeze page what I mean by conversion is someone signing up to my list and for the affiliate links I mean actually buying the product not just clicking the link (although if you know what a good click through on those links would be feel free to SHARE that too). 

I'm going to say that I think that a squeeze page should probably be around the 50% mark and maybe even higher. I'm not really sure, although I think it should be pretty high. The affiliate links will obviously be considerably lower, maybe even less than 1%, but like I said I'm not sure about this so please feel free to correct me on either of them.


well are you heat mapping and a/b split testing checking your analytics and all the user and device info and traffic sources?

readership/content analytics ?

What about swapping fonts/colors and buttons?

Whats the site?

I own a growth hacking company so conversion rate optimization is about 90% of what I do for a living.