Mastering Conversions for Superior Online Profits

08/01/2015 07:37

I heard somewhere that the most important component of the IM success equation isn't traffic, content or anything else, but rather "conversions". Getting people to click through and send you money.

Does anyone around here have any clue as to how I could improve my conversions. Is that a skill that is possible to develop? In addition to conversions, what else do I need to MAKE MONEY?



Refund Policy for Digital downloads

Quick question for everyone. Do sales pages with refund policies convert better than sales pages without refund policies?

Which is better 60 day refund or 90 refund?
Hi alanaj,

Why guess when you could know?

I see a lot of people asking questions here in a fashion that seems to be an attempt to bypass the conversion optimization process, which involves testing. This is something that varies a bit from one website offer to another. Someone else's experience, or opinion isn't always helpful as so many of these situations are specific to the particular use case.

The best thing to do is test. I suggest you setup an A/B split test and measure the results. And do not simply compare the conversion rate, but the retained earnings after the refund period has expired. Using real data is always better than guessing, or asking opinions.
Well, maybe because other people have tested the very question they
are asking and they want to know the results of others. Not a bad idea.

Otherwise than this the whole optimization forum could be just about
how to test rather than discussing test results.

So when I set up a page I want to go with best known practices and
then test other changes than what has been proven in the past. Not
to say that every market and every MARKETER would get the same
results but we need a BENCHMARK from which to start.

So a refund policy and long guarantees have been shown over
and over again to boost conversion, so the answer to his question
is yes.

-Ray Edwards