Majestic seo - How to Carry Out an SEO Site Audit and Analysis

07/01/2015 01:39


An SEO audit is the first step towards formulating your SEO campaign. An audit should provide a detailed review of where a website is currently at in regards to its on-site and offsite optimization. Every SEO company should provide an audit to their clients as a point of reference to jump off from. 


Ask for a thorough audit report. Ask if it is more than just a one page list of a few factors and ask for a multiple paged and detailed report. A thorough and hands-on analysis by an SEO expert that is accurate is the best way to go.

Ask for a breakdown of the process of analyzing a website. Keywords are the foundation of any website. Knowing the exact keywords that are being targeted is very important. Compare what the site is currently doing to target those keywords. 

Review your site architecture and how it affects the search engines. Avoid using frames, Flash, or Java applets to build the parts of the site that you want Google to index. Search engines need to see content in order to list pages. The Google spiders need a crawlable link structure to browse the pathways of the site.

  • Does the webpage have a sitemap? A sitemap will give the search engine spiders a way to crawl all of your website pages and not get stuck anywhere.
Analyze all of the on-site factors starting with the metadata (titles, headings, description, body text, etc.). There are many other SEO factors to check and be aware of, such as: web page loading time, excessive use of 302 redirects, 404 errors, web compliance and any excessive coding errors.
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