Looking for some feedback to improve conversion optimisation

08/01/2015 05:27


I'm hoping you might be able to help me, we're running an adwords campaign for the following webistes:

homelightingsuperstore.com and paperlanternmarket.com 

sales are happening on both sites which is good, especially the paper lanter site as its quite consistent with conversion rate above 5% in many cases. Now the homelighting superstore which is based on the same structure is not performing as well, conversion rates are around 1%. We've made a number of changes to tweak and improve it for example introduced product colour swatches wherever there is a configurable product. But customers aren't quite biting.

Would you guys be able to take look at homelightingsuperstore.com website and advise on any further areas of improvement which we may have missed. Any feedback would be very much appreciated



I go to checkout, and I get stuck then leave.

This message comes up..."10inch (25cm) Spring Flower Tiffany Handmade Wall Light was added to your shopping cart."

There's no way can I pay for it.

Abandonment averages about 68% research from
many different groups.

Leaving the shopper stuck like, it did me, is your
first place to fix.

Doctor E. Vile



Conversion Rate Optimization is a process that involves creating & testing content, measuring & analyzing results for insights, and implementing those insights in the next round of tests.

Asking people to look at your website and give opinions and advice is not CRO. While it might be better than doing nothing, it falls far short of the benefits you get from the discipline of CRO.

One thing you might consider is that your lower conversion rate on the superstore might have more to do with poor targeting practices than the website design itself. The paper lantern website, being a micro niche, may have influenced your targeting methods to the point that your traffic is more precisely targeted to the micro niche. I can imagine how the superstore concept would allow for less precise targeting and lower conversion rates.

One of the most important key principles of successful MARKETING is a concept known as segmentation. You stated that your conversion rate on average for the superstore is around 1%, right? Well that stat alone tells us very little. You need to segment your data and compare various MARKET segments to see which segments are performing well and which are not. One thing is almost certain and that is your various market segments will each have their own unique conversion rate and some will be better than others.

You might find segments within your data that convert at 10% while others do not convert at all. Comparing the best performing segments to the worst performers will likely provide some insight that will guide you in what to do to improve results of your marketing.

A significant portion of your conversion rate success lies within the marketing side of your business, the targeting of market segments and positioning of your products before they arrive at your website play a crucial role in winning conversions, so look there as well as the content on your website.

Using marketing data is also one of the best shortcuts to optimizing your website content. By testing specific selling points in your advertising you can learn what your targeted audience finds most compelling and can then implement content changes that communicate those most effective marketing messages.

The answers to your questions can be found in your marketing data, start there and take comments about your website design with a grain of salt, for opinions matter little compared to what hard data can reveal.




20k Unique Views Per Month - Expert feedback welcomed!


Expert feedback required for our site. The site has been online for over 12 months, during this time we have constantly tweaked the site design to improve conversions.

Our primary call to action is for a visitor to pick up the phone and call us, the secondary is to fill out a contact form, the third is to speak to us on live chat.

Site stats:

21.3% of visitors call
13.27% of visitors complete a contact form
6.14% of visitors speak with us via online chat

If there are any ways you guys/girls think I can further improve conversions I would love to know.

So your biggest form of contact is phone and
they convert at the highest rate, then that's where
more focus should go...right?

Next thing, find out from live chat records and phone calls
what are the most common questions asked.

Put the answers on your website.

The owners did this one change in a different type of business
and they immediately got 20x more qualified leads
off their website. The new owner asked the women 
who answered the phone what were the common questions and it became
very clear it was two questions.

They put the answers at the very top and so big
you had to scroll down to see the rest of the content.

Doctor E. Vile