Increasing price to $37 vs. $39?

08/01/2015 08:35

Hello my fellow warriors,

I am going to increase the price of my product.

I was thinking of increasing it to $37 but have read a couple threads on here that say to go with $39.

Which would give a better conversion rate in your opinion?



Three words to answer this one.... Test, test, test!!!

No one's opinions will truly give you more insight than an A/B split test with 1,000, or 5,000 visits would.

Honest guess.... $37.

But, my honest guesses are proved wrong via split testing at least 49.9% of the time.

Now you want to know a real 'trick'? 

Once you figure out whether $37 or $39 are your sweet spot, run a split test for $10 more.... Same sales page, same everything.... Just at $47 or $49 depending on what won your last test.

A few less sales/1000 could still mean more revenue per/1000 and perceived value is an interesting subject.



Hi pjman,

Sorry, but I have to disagree with your assertion. I have performed MARKET price testing for 25 years. Split testing price works well when you setup and conduct the test properly.

The author of that article was simply pointing out an alternate method which might be suitable for certain circumstances. He pointed out a number of common mistakes people make when conducting tests and incorrectly inferred that A/B testing was flawed because a person might do it wrong. It's not that A/B testing method is flawed, it is just that you cannot implement testing improperly and get valid results. Duh... that's true no matter what you are testing.

Not surprisingly, the authors solution was available in a book that he sells. Shame he felt the need to malign a solid scientific method in order to sell copies of his book. 



New to affiliate MARKETING - webpage critique please

Hi guys, i have created my first CLICKBANK affiliate site, and seeing as i am new to this field, would like to ask for any suggestions on improving the webpage. This would also include letting me know if i have gone down completely the wrong path! 

My keyword is "make your own beats".

Make Your Own Beats: create electronic dance music easily

Some notes:
  • I have placed in the meta keywords tag purely to please an SEO checker I use (SEO Tools, Software and Articles |
  • I have added a link cloaker plugin (ThirstyAffiliates)
  • I have created a signup box to show a video tutorial - not sure if this is enough to coax email addresses out of people to start a list?
  • I am currently using Mailchimp, due to free option, but will move to GETRESPONSE once i know this method works.
  • I have set up a couple of unique videos on YouTube linking back to the site, and plan to add articles to 4-5 article sites i have signed up to (EzineArticles, Hubpages, GoArticles, InfoBarrel,
  1. The idea was to set this up as set-and-forget - does this idea work, or should i be continually updating it?
  2. Is one main page enough?
  3. Is this completely the wrong way to go about affiliate marketing, or am on the right path?
  4. What sort of a timeframe should i be looking at before i start seeing some form of result in terms of traffic/monetization? I can then gauge whether i need to tweak things, i suppose?

Thanks for any constructive criticism - i just want to make sure i am heading in the right direction.
I seriously think you may have missed the mark here.. I could be wrong, but I would think that here would be a way to target the audience better that might use this type of product. that audience would be all of the people scrambling around to make presentation videos. 

I find it curiously interesting that there is not a single hint of a beat anywhere on the page or in any of the videos. I think it may serve you to create a video where you go click click click and then have the 808 kickin Boom Boom snap Boom. you feelin me?

The language used in the presentation I think needs some spiffing up.. you are selling BEATS YO! it should be a high energy read... Boom Boom POW Get your hat crook and let the music take control. and if you got em.. pop that colar!

Best of Luck!
Totally agree with needing a fat beat on there that makes me smile uncontrollably, nod my head and want to wave my hand in the air...

Pretty sure it was Big Boi talking about that booty shakin music " long as there's that "tic tic" followed by that bump" 

No tic tic, no bump... I'm not hooked.

So if you wanted to really spice it up, you could create an awesome beat with the software... Record yourself doing it in a multi-part series and then your 'bit' could be...

"Like the beat? Enter your name and email address to watch the 3 part video series where I show you step-by-step how I made this sick beat and how you can make your own beats like this in as little as 30 minutes."

....Or something like that. But, the BEAT must get me movin and groovin' before I'm interested.

Imagine selling a 'get skinny pill' with no pictures of skinny girls? Or promoting a DATING SITE without pictures of pretty ladies? It just doesn't make sense. You really need to show your audience what this is all about and it is all about making awesome music.

Keep going, keep pushing and become a product of the product!  Easier to sell stuff you like, that works and you truly believe in.