I have traffic but need help converting to sales

08/01/2015 06:29

Hi all, 
hoping someone can give me some good advice here. I have a seven year old site that has a specific type of traffic and I want to know if anyone has any ideas about how to convert to this crowd.

My site is a Spanish language learning site that targets LEARNING SPANISH verbs, in particular irregular verbs. I haven't done a great deal with the site since it was penalized by GOOGLE in the Penguin update of April last year as I was concentrating on other projects, but I checked the site randomly today and noticed that the traffic has been increasing steadily over the last few months.

It now receives between 300 and 500 visitors a day between Monday to Friday which drops down to between 150 and 250 at the weekends. 95% of this traffic is from Bing and Yahoo combined and if I could find a way to monetize this traffic effectively I could work to recover the site on Google which would, based on pre-Penguin levels take me up to around the 1000 visitors a day mark.

If you haven't guessed already the majority of the traffic is schoolkids, and 90% of those schoolkids are US based.

At this time, I have a pdf verb book that I sell and a review page for a verb tool that both sell every now and then but nothing to write home about. I've also had the odd approach for inserting contextual advertising.

I don't know if I'm permitted to mention the site but it's irregularspanishverbs.com ...anyway....Any ideas about monetization would be greatly received.




Hm, school kids don't spend a lot of MONEY ONLINE . Still, try to find a product, that will appeal to a 15 year old kid. Maybe some audio "learn easy spanish" or something in that direction. Pdf verb books don't appeal to teenagers. You have a good, steady traffic, use that. As I said, just find more suitable product for your target audience.



Monday thru Friday may or may not be school kids. What time frame are you getting the traffic. To be honest I have a forum for wordpress and get traffic weekdays only. ( which I find odd ) 

I just would think that Sunday might be a better day than say Friday if it were kids.



Converting free users into paying subscribers

Hello Warriors,

I have been chipping away at my lifes work for over 5 years now and only recently have we implemented a paywall.

Sales are not what I expected... at all.

I have created a meaningful website and INVESTED thousands of dollars and years of my life to make this happen. In addition my father, (the inventor) has put nearly 20+ years into researching this "Memory Test."

It would be so nice to hear some fresh opinions on how to better convert my users from taking the free test to signing up and helping my small business grow.

MemTrax - Online Memory Test

The free test is very simple and is the same thing every time you take it. When you sign up you unlock hundreds of images and the ability to track your results over time.

Maybe this niche is too new?

Measuring brain health is applicable to every person out there that has a brain and I have set this thing up to be appealing on a global scale.

Any and all comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the time you spent reading my troubles...

Nice site, a lot of good things going for it already. Here are my suggestions:

1. Remove banner ad on hompage, keep the focus on the test and the funnel to becoming a paid member.

2. Benefits, benefits, benefit, stress the importance of why they need to take the test and the benefits. 

- monitor and improve your health.
- help diagnose memory disorders.
- brain health is applicable to every person (explain why)

3. Build trust asap, tell the story as you did here and include info on the qualifications of those involved.

- has put nearly 20+ years into researching
- my lifes work for over 5 years now

4. Add a step in the test to signup process (may be too big a commitment at that stage) Perhaps capture an email in exchange for explanation on their scores. Then nurture the lead.

Those are a few things that came to mind, again nice site and you should be able to make it work getting the return on the time, effort, and resources put into the project.