I have 800 user online and no signup yet

08/01/2015 08:24

Hi guys,
I just launched my new site and i have more than 40000 page views and 800-1000 user online, but i do not see much register to my website. Dose my website clear what its offer?.
Dose it understandable?. 

Can you please leave comment below and advise for good.



Hi, I will be straight with you. Your website design doesn't give me any trust at all (as a potential buyer). Is like Web 1.0 and it creates confusion (the info is not well structured) . Use some new wordpress templates and also try go with the design as minimal as you can so the info pops up and change that white font on a black backgroud. Also try re-arrange the banners. ... and please get rid of that caveman there, you need a proffesional logo if you want to build some trust.

That's my personal opinion, and I hope you see it from a positive angle. Cheers and good luck! (P.S. Excuse my english, I'm not a native speaker)



Hello hawari25,

I suggest you to try an exit-intent popup service to keep a high percentage of your abandoning visitors, and convert them with an incentive or through your mail list. My favourites are OptiMonk (not open for public yet, but opening free beta in a few weeks) and Bounce Exchange. Bounce Exchange may not worth the price for such a small amount of visitors, but OptiMonk will be free while the beta goes, and cost around $19-50 only after the beta.

Good luck, let us know how it worked for you!



Worst Signup Conversion Rate in History: 3.33%! What's Wrong?

I think that you need to bring more attention to the 
optin box. It is to the side and greyed out. That
is the action you want them to take so place a RED BOX around it
or point an arrow to the optin box--anything that would
get this more attention.

And as mentioned above, the weight loss MARKET is highly
competitive so a lot of ad blindness occurs in this
MARKET. You have to really stand out to get attention.
Making a promise is not the best way to get attention
in this market because those prospects have been
promised a million things before and they failed.

-Ray Edwards
Thanks, everyone!

One of my thoughts was that the ad was not in sync with the landing page (not specific enough mention of Kettlebell training), so I ran a test saying "Start Kettlebell Training" instead of the "If you like spending hours in the gym..." - well, that killed the ad CTR and didn't improve conversions.

I changed the landing page to include an arrow pointing at the opt-in and tried to make it stand out more.

Yukon, regarding Mark Riverside - he is positioned as Kettlebell expert, with blog etc - what kind of credentials do you think would be useful on the landing page?
Here is the thing... you are already looking to settle. it does not matter what you or anyone else thinks is a good rate. test change test again. let the testing determine what a good rate is.

you just improved optin by 100% who is to say you could not get another 100% out of it... or 300% for that matter.

I would try a solid white box with the text and the optin in it.