How to track origin of leads

08/01/2015 07:32

Burning question:

What software would you recommend, to track the origins of a lead? Did he came over facebook, did she click an AdWords ad? Did the lead sign up with us after reading an article on an external website?

There are so many options out there, but I haven't found Software that shows me where a lead's journey started..

Help is very much appreciated: my boss needs an answer tomorrow!


Part of the tracking process is indeed software, and as mentioned GOOGLE Analytics does just that. However there are ways that can make the process easier. 

Every outside source of traffic should have a specific landing page ( being the ones you can control this link ). Every facebook ad every adwords ad etc. 

If you really want to get down to exacts I am going to suggest loading the sites log file into excel or the like. Find an IP's entry then sort the file based on the IP and then see where that visitor went. I will tell you right up front, if you have any amount of traffic this method is time consuming. 

You can however have a programmer create a UI of sorts for this to make this easier. I personally have found that this data GOLD mine is by far your best asset in learning more about the specifics of your site and its flow.

Hope that Helps!



After $100 in FB Ad Spend Only 2 Conversions for a Freebie ... What goes ..?

So I ran a bunch of FB Ads targeting small business owners. I sent them to my page where I give them a free copy of my Magazine:

Spent $100 DOLLARS over 3 days and only got Two (2) Opt-ins...Lol 

Any ideas why people don't want a Free copy of my Mag. Does my Squeeze page really suck that much?

I'll be pleased for your constructive comment.
The page is too long. You should at least did put the call to action button on the blank space of the upper right side of your squeeze page, so people will not need to scroll more down to see on how to get it for free. And also, there is something missing, hmm.... because it is not to enticing enough for me. Can you lessen your text? And make it short but descriptive and inviting??
Look at most every successful squeeze page and there is one thing in common. 

Video --> Optin

Side by side

Video - Optin
Supporting text

The other question that needs to be asked... is how many people actually clicked through to this landing page? Was there 10, and you got 2? or where there 300 and you got 2?

What is the message used on the facebook ad? Does your optin page headline match?