How to track my conversions in Google Analytics?

08/01/2015 06:14

So I am new to Google analytics and need a little bit of help and figured this would be the best sub-forum to ask. Basically, I am trying to find where in Google analytics I can see how many people who visit a page, then buy the item on that page.

This is for a very large online shop that uses zen cart and sells thousands of items a day. So I have one item I currently want to find the conversion rate for. I can find out how many of that item sells, but not how many people visited the page.

Any ideas?




I think you have to create goals first to see that. I have goals created to know when someone subscribers (and track the source traffic they arrived from), or purchased a product. Learn more on how to create goals in Google Analytics.

How do you split-test?


I'm testing response rates to my Craigslist ad.
Here are some major elements I can test:
a) headline
b) location
c) picture/no picture

I have two different accounts to post ads. So my strategy is posting the same ad (hence same headlines and picture/no picture) in city A and city B one week, then change the headline for weeks 2 and 3. With the headline winner, repeat with testing c. Then post the same ad in different cities.

If you were in my shoes, what would you change about the testing process? Does it sound like the testing methods are on the right track?

As an aside, when do you tell whether the mental costs of split-testing outweighs the resulting benefits?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!