How to know if lead is closed?

08/01/2015 05:53

I am new in this business so need some help.
I will forward site visitors calls to a service (dentist, plumber, artist) phone number.
Service will pay me a provision if they make a business.
What are strategies to know if service calls-leads from my site are closed?


Tell your visitors to fill in some information like Name & email before they call - so you capture their details (using autoresponder like

Then if the doctor or artist closes a deal with them they should notify you of their name/email and you search your list and then you know. The service provide can simple put the information in a spreadsheet and email it to you.

Preferable capture also their full address so you have more accurate information about each one.


It's also worth noting that some leads sent will often be spam. Make it clear to your clients that this is unavoidable, but you'll simply not charge them for these. And they'll have to let you know which ones were spam each time you sit down to work out the costs.




Feedback for Sales Page

Show examples of TRADES you did.

Paid this much for x.
Sold it for $ x in x days.

Show lots of those examples and with pictures.

Demonstration is much more powerful 
than telling.

Headline is weak so there's a big opportunity
for more sales.

Doctor E. Vile
Hi, maybe you want to separate the bonus and highlight the value? The way it is right now it's kind of lost in the sentence just before the buy button. 

I noticed you also used a bit of scarcity in saying the price will go up soon. Perhaps you want to add a timer as well? I hear it works wonders.
Good to see you've put in buy sell examples with images.

Move them up to the top to grab the readers attention 
and set their greed on fire!

Leave out your struggle story as it doesn't add to the 
sale build up.

If you can demonstrate how long it took to find and
sell the lots of items would be great.

Did you have to haul them and store them?

Can you show opportunities waiting right now
because the reader might be thinking that they are no longer available?

Do that and you are building a strong case for what you have.

Doctor E. Vile