How to increase conversion rates ?

08/01/2015 08:12


Hey guys ! 

I want to know exactly what we should use to increase the conversion rates of the landing page.

I'm using name and email address with simple HTML page..

I want to know what the warriors would recommend ?
There are tons of different things you could change to help with conversion rates. 

To get the best results you need to split test. 

You could try different headlines, colors, images, copy, videos, optin boxes, etc.
Testing one element at a time is best and see which version converts best for your traffic and niche. 

You can run split tests with GOOGLE Content Experiments in Google Analytics. 

If you're using Wordpress there is a free plugin called Max A/B which will also allow you to split test. 

There are many paid softwares and plugins that will do splittesting for your sites.
If I may ask what is your current conversion rate of your landing page?

shani99 is correct. Asking for the name does decrease your conversion a little and really isn't needed. Yes its more personal but just worry about providing quality content. 

Keep split testing. When you tested enough pick the higher converting one then split test again. This takes time but will continue increasing your conversion rate.

RN degree site not converting

I've got a registered nurse site that connects students with RN degree programs. The site has approximately 600 unique visitors per month. A conversion is completed when a visitor clicks the "Request Info" button for one of the school listings and fills out their information. 

In general conversions for my sites are low, between 1-3%, but this site takes the cake at 0.5%. I've had 10 conversions for 2,200 unique visitors over the last six months. =\

I was working with another Warrior who gave me some tips regarding the design and I did a full makeover, which didn't help at all. I'm looking for any insight into how I can improve performance. Thanks!
Where is the traffic coming from?

What does your ad say?

From looking at the LP It lacks a very important element. A strong headline. In fact when I got to your LP i waited for a few seconds for something else to load because there really is nothing to tell me where I am and what I can do here. Just "find a school now".

So without knowing more about where the traffic is coming from or what the ad says. The only thing I can suggest for now is get a headline up with a strong benefit and get them to take action.