How to Generate Leads for B2B sites?

08/01/2015 07:40

I would like to know the strategies I use to generated leads for B2B websites.


Email MARKETING is an excellent way of generating B2B leads, as are whitepapers. 

Many people also shy away from physical things like TRADE shows and other medums but these are also excellent.



Well, can you please detail about strategies email MARKETING, all the countries will not cyber law same rather than it may various on country to country or even one state to state, so how the common strategies can help in such condition?
Please clear me on this issue.



Does a website feedback widget helps in Conversion Rate optimization?

Can you SHARE/confirm if a website feedback widget helps in gaining more customer aka achieving higher Conversion rate optimization.

Does it increase the number of queries you receive (and a chance to turn 'em into paying customer)?

Also, if you are aware of any cheap but effective widget that can be integrated with website (not necessarily wordpress)? Do you use it?
I think you are missing the point of using such a feature. Its not that it specifically increases conversion it is the data that can be collected from using such a tool that can get you more on target with your audience and increase the probability of conversion. 

your basic ask what they want, and deliver what they want.