How to do social bookmarking - During Your SEO Link Building Campaign

09/01/2015 01:13



  1. Before submission, try to create full profile with your image and company URL.
  2. Always create your social bookmarking profile with your real name.
  3. Don’t make multiple profiles in the same website. One profile, one website. It will help you get good Google page rank.
  4. Check existing profiles to see what they have written in their biography section and make your profile similar to others, it will help you to get more ideas.
  5. Title and Description: There are two kinds of social bookmarking websites. First, follow and second, do not follow. If you want to gain your search engine ranking with social bookmarking activity, you have to focus on these factors. Before submit any URL to a website, you have to check whether it is 'follow' or 'do not follow'. 
  6. Add some useful keywords during submission. Tagging is very important to improve your submission crawling rate. For example, If you are working on “business management company”, tag your keyword in single phrase. 
  • Social bookmarking is also useful to improve your website awareness and branding over the Internet. You can find out any Social Bookmarking Service providers to get it done!
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