How to covert traffic to sale?

08/01/2015 08:33

I am working on CLICKBANK health product. Everyday I get 150-200 hops from facebook, twitter but conversion rate is zero.
I share clickbank product link in different health related facebook group & twitter post retweet.
I can't understand what is my fault? Is there any problem of choosing right product?
How to choose the right product? And how to promote it in facebook and twitter media?


Some questions to consider:

How cold is the traffic?
Have you warmed up them a little?
Have you shown enough proof/ built value?
How good is the product landing page?

You should also have in mind that people don't go to facebook with their wallet and with intention to buy anything. 

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Reconsider your plan and ask yourself -
1. Is the landing page good enough to make visitors convert into customers? 
2. Are you providing what others are not? 
3. Are the products genuine and images are high quality?
4. Is the page good enough to navigate and provides information about what a visitor is looking for.
5. The price of the product is less when compared to competitor.
6. Page load time is good or not? Sometimes people bounce back because they find the website page is taking too much time to load.



This is the problem of 90 out of 100. There are various reasons. Check your website once and analyze it properly. Is your content, images and other stuff is enough good to attract people? What is different than others service? Cost of product also matters a lot. After checking behavior of audience then make plans of advertising.



Six Pack Abs Not Converting

Hey guys,

I recently purchased a pre-made blog for the six pack abs niche. I've gotten my initial content and design setup and began testing conversion with Bing Ads (see below). 

I've received 100+ targeted visitors so far with no conversions on any products. Please take a look at the site and provide some feedback. Thanks!
your ad says 16 simple tricks.. where are they? are you using the homepage as the landing page?

you might want to try something a bit more oh I don't know controlled? say a landing page that offers the 16 simple tips report in exchange for an email address? then in a follow up you can direct them to your site maybe?

if you were to goto say your "sitemap" link and then scroll down to say "six pack abs tips" how many articles are there? you have 6 articles on a flatter stomach. are you getting the idea?
I've seen other websites that look almost exactly the same. This won't help you stand out from all the others that are in the same niche unfortunately. The design of your website is not very responsive in my opinion. I would recommend you create a landing page or sales page that asks the visitor for their email address or that entices the visitor to buy a product that you're selling. That way the visitor is focused on just signing up for your newsletter or buying your product without any distractions.