how many affiliate links can i put on my blog?

08/01/2015 07:31, free hosting, domain NOT mine. i want to open a cats blog and sell cats food. how many links does allow on a post? can i put an amazon affiliate cats food on each and every post? one per post?



It really depends on your blog layout. Since you are using wordpress, there are several plugins you might use to integrate your aff links.

I found out that a good way is to put one 728x90 at the beginning of each article and on the right 250x250.

You should also test different products to promote, since conversions will be different and you want to promote the most profitable product.

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2 is more probably fine as long as it's filled with plenty of unique content.

Make sure you add the rel="nofollow" attribute to these links, though, or ideally you could also redirect them through a .php file and disallow it in your robots.txt file. Probably need your own hosting for that, of course, but that's highly recommended anyway.



Optimizing for Sign-Ups

I'd be interested to learn about the successes and failures you guys have had with regards to optimizing your sign-up form. Which pages do you find have given you the best conversions? What position on the page seems to really grab your site visitors' attention and think "I have to sign-up to this.." 
A prominently incentivized opt-in on the content-rich landing page of a website has always given me the bestconversions. 

Squeeze pages have always given me the most conversions, instead (back in the days when I used to use them). 

You typically build different lists, with these two very different approaches, because different people opt in to each.

In every niche in which I've split-tested (for 6 months each), squeeze pages have built me bigger lists which produce less income.

Moral of the story - "best" and "most" are two very different things: monitoring according to subscriber-numbers rather than according to income is a mistake. I earn more from opting in 15% of the visitors to a content-rich site (even if it's just a small, content-rich site) than I do from opting in 45% of the visitors to a squeeze page. 
Another thing I meant to ask initially was how big of a difference offering an incentive such as a free eBook or report makes? I would imagine this increases sign-ups, but are they sign-ups of the lower or higher quality variety? That's what I'm really interested in