How can I increase conversion rates?

08/01/2015 05:50

Hey guys, I'm running traffic on POF and I have MULTIPLE ads with CTR's higher than .5%, and an average Landing Page CTR of 65%. These stats are great, but for some reason I'm not getting many conversions, only around 2%-3%. I've tried swapping different offers in but it didn't help. I'm convinced I need to change my lander to warm them up more to the offer. What are some ways I can do this?



I have zero experience with POF, but based on your post, I would say your problem is a targeting issue. With all the targeting options available to reach your demographic on POF, that would be the first thing I'd try to tackle. Then after you've narrowly defined your audience, start working on optimizing your ads/landing pages.

Are you using tracking to get an idea of who's clicking your ads? For example, a good percentage of the clicks just could be competition checking out your ads, or people who are known to click lots of ads in POF. 

I know there is a setting in POF where you can target people by how many ads they click on or don't click when they are logged in.



I am not sure what your landing pages look like or what offers you are promoting, so it is hard to give solid input without seeing and knowing that, but for example if you are promoting DATING SITES then you need to create pages that have photos of attractive real looking singles that entice the user, and get them in the clicking motion. Like for example: there are 483 lonely singles 20 miles radius of (visitors area, use a geo script) that are looking for males between the ages of (the age demographic you are targeting). Are you attracted to blondes or brunettes> Yes / No, Are you willing to meet a member at moments notice> Yes / No... etc. Once you entice them, and get them in the clicking motion, and you close it with final closer statement and click through button then they are already in clicking mode so once they get to the offer landing page they more opt to continue and join as they are already enticed and already went through the pre-sell joining process. You also need to test different targeting features on POF, and different landing pages, photos, pre-sell questions, offers etc till you find what works. Along with that you need solid offers that actually convert, and convert well for what you are targeting, 2%-3% is terrible conversion rates for any offer if you are using pre-sell landers. And if you are not using pre-sell landers and are direct linking then STOP, as direct linking is not the way the to go as you will get considerably higher conversion rates with pre-sell landers.



pop-ups that lower price?

I've seen landing pages that if you try to leave the page a pop-up appears that lowers the price to better convert into sales. Does anyone know what this is called? 

I want to do something like this on my landing page but can't seem to find info on how to do it.
I wonder the same thing. 

For Wordpress I know there are plugins, but which are worth a damn?